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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:42 am

Is there a singular moment in your life, as you know it already, where but for a stance you took, believing such was right, that it, that which you stood for turned out to be wrong?  These are days that are trying the President very publicly - he isn’t on trial for one Constitutional issue, or is he?

What is there in a dog or puppies life story that may be instructive - if such dog(s) were raised free and loved?

To sell veal you do need to make sure that such creature to such meals has no tough life.

To sell puppies you are not supposed to be selling meals - but approved food for them not of them.

How is the selling of President Obama and his gay stances now to be farmed out in 2012 politics as a right, not a wrong?

To sell puppies you should have a license and a business location or be near enough of family litter that it is like you are selling off one of your own loved children.

It is confusing now how President Obama may be on trial for one Constitutional issue and yet have it seem like many.  If a local community is organized to allow the sale of veal - there is an expectation that it has been raised so that a tough life was avoided for such young source of nutrients for human consumption. 

If a local community is organized to allow domestic pets - there is an expectation that a “jolly pet” purchase isn’t actually a animal rescue and saving, from an animal hell being presented as other than a black hole of a natural uncertainty.

If you were to steal from chicken stock where is the chicken stock now for such thievery?  It is possible to say that President Obama is on trial in more than one trial for one Constitutional issue.

It is a prettier picture to imagine a great and sufficient puppy ranch than to imagine or remember a veal facility — room to play and run, nudge and cuddle, and not be like a pack of hens, old hens still stuck together with an obvious pecking order.

If you sell a puppy you are selling a dream, even if selling a pit bull.

If you sell a puppy you are celebrating adventure and Americana long work literally and creatively even if Tom Sawyer didn’t have a dog of his own.  It is hard to think of Mark Twain without thinking of happy puppies - even if they weren’t seen or heard.

If President Obama is on trial, though now in many trials, for one Constitutional issue how now about his gay stances?

We have the fear this morning that George Clooney hosted a meeting of modern communists last night in Hollywood.

We have the fear that this happened even though “modern communists” as tag for Americans now like “Army Intelligence” old gag line - see globally speaking “modern communists” have been becoming more of capitalism so President Obama could just be left to being a “Soviet sympathizer” or just a “communist sympathizer” pining for days of his youth while over coddled by his young parents studying in Soviet studies together.

I am not suggesting President Obama’s parents would have sold him off for their cause(s) - it does seem undeniable that he has long had a penchant for other countries ways at least as much as those of America he managed to learn about.

And so now we can have a hard time seeing puppies as free and happy and not also of a mill like ranch for raising dog meat like veal at least so that President Obama won’t betray another father of his he has celebrated for lessons to it being us in a “boy eat dogs” world. 

In American communities if you are licensed to sell puppies it is not for butchery but for dreams of freedom and happiness with a jolly pet, right?  Back in an earlier day our Supreme Court ruled that chicken stocks and their butchering was “local” business not of the reach of Federal Government as national commerce.  Amity Shlaes in her THE FORGOTTEN MAN did cover this issue specifically from the era of the earlier than Obama New Dealer Roosevelt as per our Commerce Clause reach or over reaching checks.

It may now be harder to see healthcare as also just a local good as the raising and butchering of chickens was whence in our real Depression era but really it is still neighbors building a skill and working it locally in a community to mostly and quite substantially be to “local good” commerce as well of a neighbor getting or providing for another neighbor. 

We have that President Obama may have the same problems President Roosevelt was to - we have that he may want “local goods” issues to be his issue for his edicts, judging and executing — we have that President Obama may be over selling healthcare at least as far more a national good in a national commerce than it is or is best to be generally considered.

If you steal a chicken from another’s chicken stock or their chicken yards you are at least due some time publicly reviewable as if stuck somehow still into a stocks for chicken thievery.

What we can see now from President Obama’s gay stances is that he has a problem with our Constitution.

Whether he was raised a sell out to Soviet sympathies before he was reared into a “boy eats dogs world” we have that after getting a Harvard Law degree he is showing very publicly a problem with our Constitution - at least one problem so though of more than one contesting of one issue.

I imagine George Clooney only was serving up political “Kool Aid” last night and wasn’t working to a new cook book for commies - even a CHICKEN STOCK FOR COMMIES headlining. 

However George served up “modern” last night our President, his guest, now has a problem with healthcare and immigration power over-reaching as well due to his recent gay stances — How can our national government have a Commerce Power over healthcare, just, as a national good, and yet have us thinking with him so expressive so publicly that gay rights are a matter of local or state Power?

Again:  How can our national government have a Commerce Power over healthcare, just, as a national good, and yet have us thinking with him so expressive so publicly that gay rights are a matter of local or state Power?

What are you selling?  How are you selling it?  Is it actually what you are selling that you are selling?

How can the body of a gay or lesbian be of a national good for healthcare by President’s proffering and yet be a “local good” as well body specific as per freedoms and rights locally? 

President Obama does seem to have a problem with our Constitution - it is starting to make less sense and seem more willful and intentional to a premeditated work to an at least Soviet sympathizing less logical interpretation of our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence.

Again:  How can our national government have a Commerce Power over healthcare, just, as a national good, and yet have us thinking with him so expressive so publicly that gay rights are a matter of local or state Power?

Where is our America and American of Finn, today — where should it be for all our tomorrows?

Really how isn’t our healthcare not better kept to be considered mostly a “local good” of neighbors in a community helping other neighbors and being helped judiciously by other neighbors and to protections such that what you seem to be buying is what is actually seemingly for sale? 

What did George Clooney cook up last night, anyways?   Was it “modern” and “legal” - just “modern” but not “legal”?

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