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Toad Rabbit is a humble young bunny - a hare fare the well of innocence all the fluff.  Toad Rabbit isn’t a man or woman Rabbit but a child so young a hard to say when heard if a young boy or a young girl specifically. To add now may be Toad’s biggest societal challenge.

To add at this time of the year for any bunny so young is to be difficult like of A.D.D. when supposed to be adding for the smells of spring - of a renewal like a first born metaphysical.  March is a time of madness now for young Toad - a whiff of this and a whiff of that and off from adding to just live the life of his measured warren.  March is a time of madness for all young bunnies of the Rabbit’s kin and their warren as buzzing like politics wafts and wafts through its days.

Best as the Rabbit’s can tell their young Toad is not evidently of a bad A.D.D. while about normal tendency to fly off with spring fever, like bunnies ways. The Rabbit clan is long in pedigree as of a keep of cred as a humble lot of contrite spirits.  Whenever it has been that they as a lot have been of any said august yet to the one of the lot a penitent did not rate but a new high minimum.

This though is the first spring any of the Rabbit clan has been a foot of Toad and of echoes on the wind of mumblings to puzzlement of what chocolate toads could be celebrant of. It is important to this warren of the lot of Rabbits of community with the neighbor bunnies that democracy reign and no aires of regal titling or grants for Penthouse suites on their backs be otherwise contrary.  The only titles much allowed are seasonal and sporting and sporting for seasonal of at most HAREY GAMES sorts.

Long has it been in this warren that titling was as ignoble as czars to their democratic - - - Toad Rabbit is to grow up where any title must be won and merely in games of the seasonal, however of rites.  No Mayor is, however the warren’s Warden, as the People’d bunnies top guardian, against the too hairy chance, is by any means what ever to become so full of themselves to expect a post-office retirement to an Office of Trust with all the such perks as if titled by as if entitled to a Penthouse Suite and to such as with such of a math of even simple adding that should scare all hares as if “retirement” “allowance” in excess of “salary” + C.O.L.A.!

It was fig’d long ago in this warren so Constituted from titling that any math of hubris of arrogance of any “leaders” was a danger for the young at learning their numbers and math - at learning their adding.  This warren is so humble a People’d bunnies that the is seldom heard the specific name of the ancestor from whom too many clans learned that such as if “titled” begot a next gen too of A.D.D. especially when to their assigned adding.

Has the young were well reared and to be contrite souls throughout this warren near a utopia for their lots it is though that spring titles were most encouraged to be sought somehow - someway - someways to show you yet like feel the oats of your springing to spring sprung.  Toad Rabbit is at that age among such traditions that it is new to him the to fig how 64 = 1 “math.”

As 64 = 1 is “math” for Toad to join in adding to it yet is he is protected by the warren Constitutional from yet having to add up as if real math how a “retirement” to Penthouse Suites (however of “hubris”) can be of needing multiplication for faster math for the adding up to how a former Warden could be to 5X to 7X as post-office “allowance when “X” is the value of the pay of the job - the salary of the duty of office. Such does not respect the contrite in seasonal titling and the traditions, however bunny rites, of such warren of the Rabbit clan as it too begs how such to then be yet and “Office of Trust” too as if improper as yet a Titled for gains as both an “Office of Profit” and an “Office of Trust” oh so contrary to their rights and celebrant.

There are rules the the warren of the Rabbits of the lot of Toad’s kin and neighbors - that have been reset to preserve the protections from “leaders” gone astray to too as if Titled for life and entitled for Titled with “allowances” so affirming of a relevance forward sheerly for the value of the “perks” secured as if for the “retirement” to “non-partisan” and “non-political” limited activities promised promises - as the story the history goes.

As Toad Rabbit is still so young and innocent his immediate kin are most responsible for rearing him to a possible later day rising around a seeming confusing math of 64 = 1.  The standards in their rites of spring are for traditions forward to Toad someday to be encouraged and reared to be participatory in seasonal contests to those titles yet permitted.

The HAREY GAMES are not all of bushel baskets converted for sport - Toad Rabbit will have a chance to show his oats for sport when he is ripe to feel his oats in yet a variety of seasonal challenges.  If ever he yet shines bright of as a People’d bunnies beacon he may yet become the selected Warden for his ability to glow while still contrite of his lot, and their lots.

For now may it only be news of distant tyrants that stir confusion in the warren, and let pressed, and read, with some positive notes, of hope from any so a journalist, that where ever former “leaders” have been found too titled, and to regal too royal of keeps of Penthouse Suites, as a worst case scenario, that too there be news of a People’d people a foot and gaining against such excess to a expectant restoration of Constitutional democratics methodology.

By what rites these bunnies become celebrant when seasonally at least to rights kept of People’d O hares isn’t particular yet to the math of the to adds of Toad Rabbit concurrently.  There is to be magic in the air as by the traditions that to Toad Rabbit some day - God willing - may become measured and accountable of his matured rights too of a contrite and prudent knowing - a knowing of the ways of the busy bunnies as the adult Rabbits are want as his lot his kin are his primary guardians and nearest exemplars forward.

So as Toad Rabbit joins the fun of the spring springing sprung he yet is to have to worry of adding to gambling of how science and mathematics is poor judge to the contests of souls bracketed for contests seasonal of 64 to equal 1.  For now young Toad Rabbit is stirred to be traditional to contrite and humble as the hares way yet of a NOT TITLED lore of dire danger by “X” whence in their warren of a Warden whose name shall not be heard. For now the lore of the Wardens past of the Rabbit clan warren is yet of one so contrary of fig’n while in office some outrageous fig’d for post-office self gratification as if “entitled” to “TITLED” not just in the traditions of rights to rites kept to seasonal contests.

Toad Rabbit is a humble young bunny - a hare fare the well of innocence all the fluff.  Toad Rabbit isn’t a man or woman Rabbit but a child so young a hard to say when heard if a young boy or a young girl specifically.  To add now may be Toad’s biggest societal challenge.

If perchance you spot him please for now respect the talk of chocolate toads, 64 = 1, and old Mr. Warden no name now NOT TITLED is for his parents as his primary guardians to broach, by their traditions, rights, and even just seasonal rites.

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