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I don’t know what you have been up to this Mother’s Day Weekend.  Me, myself, and I have gotten to thinking of Mitt Romney and Ireland. 

Oh, yeh, this cannot be good for either Clinton. 

Next President Mitt Romney, dare I say, there are some things you should think about as you move to possible charge to officially and truthfully consider Ireland.

Enough said of writing as excessive and public as mine has been that with such no political future is possible.  Such doth leave me to now thinking about Ireland and the Clintons 90s - and well Al Franken, Senator, a likely unnecessary exception.

Maybe the first thing that annoyed me about the Clintons was so early it was “I didn’t inhale” and that so early it seemed too much like the only answer I had to: “Have you ever tried pot?”.

Yet as I think now of Ireland I have to wonder about Hillary Clinton and the wonder that she is for seemingly having failed to the top.

I don’t know if Governor Clinton had actually ever tried pot and not inhaled - I do know that was my true story and history being shared then before hearing an unlikely tale from one of his generation so “networked” about himself.  I don’t know if it was just hinky for it only answered to smoked pot and not to whether Hillary Rodham had been a culinary wonder with pot brownies.

I see that she as so “failed upwards” that even today I was again to wondering what she must have been smoking to think that she should be promoted or maintained at any level near cabinet level.

Maybe I am too this (to this?) because I have shared via social media pictures and tales related to my being about making a diplomatic three legged stool of my own - a heart shaped guitar legged bench height 3 legged stool.

I did try pot only once - when I accepted such from another I moved to take a smoke (a hit?) from it but decided with a few steps of consideration not to inhale and to pass it back (along?). 

Hillary must be smart enough to wake each morning wondering how she has managed to have failed to the top so and be still relevant considering how much of her past hands on fully documented years are not mostly much at fault and quite causal to our current depressed states of malaise, economic.

In Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s defense it does seem from her being so off on traditional American recipes that it seems unlikely she as Hillary Rodham might have managed edible pot brownies.  As it is I only know of one possible occasion where I may have inadvertently partaken of a pot brownie and such being the first day of my life when I learned there was even such a thing.

But far more serious with my history with the Clintons is how Ireland has a relation to Time Square and Las Vegas - of one about IBM & Me & The 90s.

It is not fun to remember the Clintons or consider that now still it is concerning and even for Ireland that Hillary has failed to the top so.

I do personally still find it hard to believe that Bill Clinton, born William Blythe III, didn’t himself inhale, and inhale often.  I am not sure why this part of his story similar to my history is hard to believe from him.

By now you all have heard some or much of my telling about my collection THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.

Yes, that was near all a work proffered from blue and white collar actual living with real challenges mine all considered strategically and written drug free.

Some complications did arise when IBM CFO Metz was discovered to have been developing changes for IBM after our meeting back whence near 89-90 when the Economist Magazine was running articles beating up IBM and for having been being “out innovated by blue jeaned entreprenuers.”  Some complications arose so when I learned after getting his daughter to break up with me via that method when I learned he had started using my advise given personally in his home privately actually within IBM.  The complication was more how to then figure the right developmental pace for IBM as now I had to make sure all my other strategizing to positive change would stay as choriographed and psyched through as my other considerations about an integrated marketing and such also thought to scientific as well for those in network concerned with traumatized friends or patients.

There were times where there became such a gap in benefit that IBM was getting freely from such tie in and it for which roots it had related to me and my primary ambition to become a Mad Man like my maternal grandfather Arthur Monroe Menadier had been when last to duties from Y&R mostly with James E. Burke.

My biggest complaint about the Clintons is related to their failing upwards in it being related to my knowing that fewer were able to be helped or those being helped with an era of shared cause and efforts to a new political correctness and to as much positive change as possible in a rare time of a grand nation in a new world order as a country forced to adapt to sole superpower status, locally and globally.

Maybe my problem with Bill’s pot line as “I didn’t inhale” was that it always seemed to close as and imitation not actually flattering to me due to his being the source so similar.  Really this is supposed to be about Hillary as having failed upwards and how she so was cooperative and an accomplice so for the detrimental effects had upon Ireland because she and her “two-fer” were at least cutting corners.

I may not have written too much to discredit myself from some public service - I may not have written to much or shared to much creatively written on social media - I may at least have not written too much literally near literature to be unconsiderable say for a short list as possible next Ambassador to Ireland - and maybe at least one other country so I hope.

After all Al Franken has made it to Senator Franken and well Mrs. Clinton has failed upwards. 

I am not suggesting that the Clintons have so lowered our standards that now I too might be qualified - I am starting here to tell of how when imbalances grew between myself and IBM about benefits they were seeing from use of my guidance I was so dedicated to massive and vast non[partisan efforts to positive change that I was to saying they should like spend a comparable some to help rebuild Time Square - to help turn around Las Vegas - And, yes to consider investing in Ireland would be another welcomed celebration of the good they were benefiting from that was originating from me.

I did try pot once - I actually did not inhale - I did find much very complicating as per IBM with above just partly for having used the “get her to break up with you” strategy when it seemed our old friendship of four years due to her a distant friend of my sisters proved after a couple months not to be right for me.  James E. Burke is the one the lead the search committee that replaced Akers and Metz from IBM executive spots and brought in Louis Gerstner.  Such change did maybe unnecessarily only complicate everything I was strategically much about and especially that which had become my efforts to help Democrats become encouraged to find someone to not run away from running as Senator Gore had and to such with me offering direction and guidance with confidence that if they learned it they would become electable.

Ireland you really may have the Clintons both to blame for much of the globally depressed economy.  To me Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton in her own rights as Hillary Rodham Clinton has failed upwards and taken you all down with so many others.

Somewhere here I think I at least started to mention how the Clintons’ politics did make all my work to help see a scientific or medical improvement for trauma patients as a general category of concern end up working less well and for fewer because either they were ignorant or careless.   I was of doing so much and integrating so much back whence that it is still a wonder that now one benefiting asked me how such was supposed to work in an entirety nor ask if more was actually in the works more than they were just to waking each day of hopes they could steal a use (a hit? a fix?) for one more day. 

I was of doing so much it seems now that I may be the only expert in my field, still.  Yes, I have known Anne McInerney now since before she became a mother, and yes I can remember thought of her proud near her first trimester, and, how this was about the time I was heading off for my high school pre-prom party and prom.  Yes, a night that could have changed my life was the night I found there was another interesting Shaw in the world after having walked as a registered citizen canvasser up his driveway near Christmas I think of 1991 - Yes that night I nearly stopped canvassing as it seemed this Shaw I met in his driveway that used to be a San Francisco cop had gotten talking and enough that I was nearly to mentioning I had been “more a citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane” since 1983 and he as we got talking about Hearst Corporation is remembered for having been to inviting me in for his family dinner and so to a night I likely would have decided a different path and one that would have had me stop canvassing and such political writing of those days but not maybe the strategizing to positive change and a new less sexist and racist or traumatic new political correctness.

Yes, I have had maybe as many opportunities to walk a different was as George Clooney has had - yes I did decide to decline dinner or a beer that winter night amidst my citizen canvassing door to door to door to another door for cleaner air and healthcare coverage reforms, and, return to my evening of canvassing his neighbors as it was that night.

Yes, it is complicated, really - and not just because from where I view it Hillary Rodham still seems to have failed upwards - and so such that others than I should be already be as seems to asking “what was she smoking?”

In this story mentioning a former San Francisco cop Shaw is that William Bratton and his policing ambitions were integrated as well into these efforts about so much as well and so for a wiring drug free as well with him kept since we first crossed wires near 1987 in Boston when he was new to the green fleet of municipal police fleet and reports that he had been moved offer to the worst force in Massachusetts and to a fleet of green colored cop cars mostly without working radios, and, me in that year of law studies at Suffolk Law I thought I should at least get towards training about my goal of becoming a ‘Mad Man’ as well due the full respect of James E. Burke as my grandfather Menadier, at least.

I still don’t know why so many never took to asking me about there maybe being more to what I was obviously at least partly up to and so that such was proving to be very helpful to them in so many ways.  I don’t know how so many could have let time pass without at least asking if there might be more and some timed strategically to work together when they might if they did actually come together seemingly unexpectedly and to then working together, yet while looking like happenstance.

I do wonder if I am the only expert in my own field and such that THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM still holds together as a quite complete outline though poetic mostly, and now since the early 90s and even those days of its figuring that predate the Clintons actually braving an entry into 1992 race and how so it was brave to start sounding like me and learn more and more how to sound more like me of my blue and white collar disciplines and personal work and efforts a part of ambitions actually to be at least as good at global marketing as James E. Burke and Bob Johnson once near or actually did consider the rate of my maternal grandfather who when he retired in 1971 did retire from near 25 years of running most or all of J&J marketing and ad business, and so from Young and Rubicam organization those years so associated.

Yes I have known Anne H. McInerney since before she became a mother.  Many times I could have taken different and easier paths.  Many times I could have chosen to stop my work so of my efforts to be and stay to journalism and media standards more to being a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane.

I may need to set up my own think tank or foundation and find sufficient endowments just to piece this all together accurately - I know a whole lot of checking and checking and reviewing and of time and place, and other times and places is about now due and maybe necessary.  It seems with “Hillary” being so visibly to a failing as much at the top as President Obama time now may be of the essence and my public mass of public commentary may not be a bar to much, to too much, at least.

Please don’t smoke, please don’t think you need to smoke to understand my works maybe literature and even poetic.

George, maybe we can talk - I have an idea for another less political fundraiser. 

Again, I have know Bill and Hillary since they were law students and not yet engaged - I have so known them since I was still just near or in first grade at Hooker School - Are we all now like “up in smoke” because they actually were like “up in smoke”?

The person of my past the did warn me in high school of brownies maybe pot brownies or at least brownies he didn’t want to share and was strategically to telling me something to dissuade me from chocolate consumption so did end up working for President Clinton in a communications role as editor if I recall correctly so as within our office of Letters to the President.

It is possible that the Clintons didn’t inhale, actually, but that right now would be a preferred excuse for their failures, really.

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Really, have you found them - this isn’t a joke!!!

Next President Willard Mitt Romney, when looking for an Ambassador to Ireland might you look at me?

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