December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:46 pm

If you are drinking a beer with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary, or especially if to toasting her your beer likely should be tasting like suds - like soap.

We can not help but think to look for manufactured crisis.

We are lucky and can count ourselves as quite fortunate that President Obama saved us from President Clinton.

That said Governor Mitt Romney may be more right on General Motors than President Obama.

We have first to allow ourselves that there was another option to thought inevitable next President as a Clinton.

We have second, or as an alternate first, to appreciate that climate change didn’t have to rise to the ALAMISM of Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING END OF THE WORLD CRISIS crusades.

As well maybe first we could look at the corporate speak like that was the institutional shorting of endowment funds as political speech towards a down economy for political benefit of Democrat candidate, whomever.

As per Mitt Romney and past ideas for saving General Motors - we have that if Democrats hadn’t won in 2008 GM would have needed a whole lot less effort if any about a saving of GM.

I still have a hard time seeing Mrs. Clinton as other than having failed to the top - I am not sure you should be toasting her or thinking of drinking with her.

An election of the Republican alternative to either the “inevitable Hillary” or her most junior also most junior Senate peer Barack was of platforms and positions arguing to the very direction now there seems to be a general consensus towards as where we should now go and would best have been to have gone earlier.

We can easily suggest that without the threats to seize all oil company profits by Senator Clinton her current position still might only look progressive and a success in promotion - promotion of socialism, only.

General Motors might not have needed any saving if only Al Gore had moderate views or moderated his alarmism from the super subjective “end of the world as we know it” DOOM and GUILT and taught about climate change without attacking the industry of General Motors and people for owning and using their evil products.

I guess it is that we are supposed to just accept how Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is bottled.

I am still confident that if McCain and Palin had been elected the move to retraining and encouraging for our states as a higher priority than a political soft RESET with Russia would have sufficiently rebooted our economy and warded off the simplicities complicating our economy of the Democrat propaganda enough that saving General Motors wouldn’t have needed an young unproven czar or even a political hack to drive a new unnecessary nationalism.

More than once in the past couple decades I have heard after a column or comment or opinionated stance voices from Detroit industries saying I did save them.  I remember most the early days of Clintons’ 8 and how frustrated Detroit was with what seemed capitalist ignorance by the new Democrat admin as there efforts in asking for a sense of direction and theme to work to even if to green energy or fuel efficiency was missing - missing until I offered a direction independently and privately to usher in interesting smaller cars maybe to look like smaller 50s & 60s American made headliners.

No, I don’t see how you can be wanting to celebrate or toast Hillary R. Clinton, Secretary, unless you think her rise and progressing with socialism a success and not as I do a failing to the top.

There are many ways I can go back an confidently reconsider that an election of McCain might have been all the save Mitt Romney might have needed too for General Motors but for the marketing of a superiority and elitism still over lobbied to benefit foreign brands, by some of our politicians.

Yes there have been more than a few times where Detroit either said from afar that I had saved them or was to saying they wanted to hire me.  If you do like the break out of small fun cars during the Clintons’ years don’t look to them for a toast worthiness but look to me - It was I not them, and as implied seeming with them ignorant of an important domestic essence of marketing for free markets and non-socialistic capitalism based job saving and/or creating.

We can not help but think to look for manufactured crisis.  And especially with Democrats and manufacturing and jobs crisis pomp and toasted circumstancings.

This said, again, Governor Mitt Romney may be more right on General Motors than President Obama — but a President McCain likely would have incidentally reset our economy with his spoken to preference to govern to a restoration of states and a restrengthening of state economic sovereignty and so made a save of General Motors at most a remarketing challenge for Mad Men/Women.

We have that there was not a vacuum in progress and inventiveness during the Bush years - we have seen that new products were very nearly ready for marketing and some that Democrats just rushed to a CRISIS so to be able to grandstand with a partisan credit taking.

We didn’t need this economic downturn - or at least quite so.  We didn’t need to see then or now that Hillary all sudsy with a progressing rise as a success if only “socialism” was her goal.  It still seems to generally be about things more our traditionals that she has failed to the top.

A bottling plant for Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton since now we seem to be seeing other than how she has been being bottled herself?

Like a “BOTTOMS UP RODHAM” we should have seen you so earlier more even when to First Lady Clinton?

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