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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:43 am

Can you stop on a dime? can you stick & pivot on a dime? can you stop on a dime literally - with literacy?

Sit back for now and consider your #BEFORE and to how others’ #AFTER may be precedent to #HOPE.

Your early start/starters were possibly proctored by an institution not to you too “institutional” by pledging:

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
     and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
     indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Let us do some mental exercising - some mental stretches - some mental stretching! {Yes, “God” is in the United States Constitution for ordained, done, subscribed under “Year of our Lord!”}

It does not now matter which grade you are now in, - - - your specific “youth” or “inexperience” is relative, - not to be held against you.

i.e. Re: #BEFORE to #AFTER: There, e.g., how First Lady Michelle Obama can be said to have whipped President Bill Clinton into shape, and with public shaming, much political.  It is direct and literal how your F.L.O.T.U.S. whipped PWJC into shape, not metaphorical, yet.

Let me be clear: Look at PWJC “fitness” during First Lady Mrs. Clinton’s era as the #BEFORE, and now look at these Obama better days as the PWJC #AFTER!*

If you think “whipped” is metaphor please consider the reality that on the Day FLMO did break out her healthy agenda PWJC was (coincidentally) into a hospital for (elective) heart (stints) surgery.  Seems established that any “better” #AFTER PWJC is related to progress from public shaming of his days of FLHC era of excess and careless consumption.

Ok!  So we have now stretched some to seeing FLOTUS CLINTON vs FLOTUS OBAMA as a #BEFORE and #AFTER indisputable of a BAD example versus a GOOD, or BETTER, example.

Ok!  So you want to be able to stop on a dime, - yes, you really do want to be able to be able to stop on a dime!

Ok!  How does the Pledge of Allegiance, as written, stand in/of a purpose and means, - to such ends?

It is important to have role models, precedent for performance human agency agility, even copyrighted leads.

We pledge to the Flag and the Nation!  We do not therefore, at least primarily, pledge fidelity to a Leader, or our Union!

Nay to the Yehs of Christians Constituted under God of Republic as if firstly for propping up bad leaders.  To position daily under God for the Republic in the Christian Constituted is to be of the spirit of “a child was born” for individualism, not rededications as prostrate for obedience.

Nay shuns if by opponents to pledges as written for republic as based for individuals of children our hope! The children are the child born to be heard from and uploaded from by a proper pledge to equal justice for all.  The children are empowered not suppressed by a pledge to a republic so dedicated under God, even, or especially if daily.

Opponents to such so written may be to otherwise eitherwise wishes yet so that children can become more institutionalized in a National Socialism assimilation.

Shun that! Nay to that!  Let us ask with a pledge how children be to emoting conscience and even noticeable subconscience by asking them to before there “teachers” be of requirements to not be silent or oppressed.

National Socialists, by their ambitions for centralized top down Power may only be for a Posterity that such a pledge as written cannot stand up or stand for; - - - The constitution by Constitution of the People’d people’s “Order” did form the more perfect Union as most Christian as done subscribed “Year of our Lord” unanimously.

The constitution so firstly of/in the Constitution so protected and ordained is that holy books of the ilk of the New Testament are of Bibles the which forms an individuals constitution so then protected by the structure and methodology of the body of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and the Amendments.

As the Constitution is for each child’s constitution as an individual to personality secured of the “a child was born” #HOPE so #CHRISTIAN the first step for fitness for all is in the agility of the freedom of religions as of there establishments for agility, however firstly for persons as travelers to have a chance at friendly meetings of others strangers, where ever.

Performance coaching must be to one’s relationship to a greater whole such as the mundane otherwise of learning to “educated” has methodologies and formulaics for.  Excellence by and individual, however childish, is yet in the freedom of a disciplined relationship to a universal whole such a religions have been always to guardianship there with.  Hope is in the freedom of liberty in religion of the pledge so written for it asks that children, especially, be heard and uploaded from.

Your “Presidential” to your Pledge is not to a assimilated obedience to be children seen but not heard;  Your Pledge is so that each every day all are to be heard from as per any emotes that affect the balance, - a thin line, - between good & evil, - the #STRUGGLE!

To each - for each morning to dawn - there is your #BEFORE, too, and a #HOPE for a better #AFTER also!

Do not ignore the generally whipped for fitness & dietary improvements! it behoove ye not to ignore the #AFTER PWJC for it is, let me be clear, remarkably different, better, healthier for PWJC than the #BEFORE of FLHC era! it behoove all to score FLMO against FLHC on PRESIDENTIAL FITNESS “for office” for the dark days haunt still the general Welfare due the established sad facts are still too present that under the Clintons’ administration obesity increased so very much a said doctor friend of theirs years afterwards emoted the USA could save a TRILLION dollars in healthcare costs if it could yet somehow get back to the average personal weight across our Nation that was so of a lesser extant in the BEFORE THE CLINTONS!

So forward, as you are better to stretched if of the Pledge for such reaffirms your potential for “God’s” grace by disciplines to constitutions better for being agile in the greater world.  Your agility comes, as Bible Paul and the Republic a confederate republics ordered by Constitution by the Founding Fathers did import, by your beingness as always firstly as under God before ever under a Government.

So forward, again, your Pledge, despite your age, is yet always firstly to re-establish that the Constitution protects that each citizen’s constitution is firstly as Nation under God as for persons, however travelers, yet best to “neighbors” by discipline from the holy written of holy books.

So forward, again, you are to be to a Pledge so well written of limiting principles for justice for all as your protected best way to fitness, and yes always with stretch before, as much as any immediate conditions may permit.

*[Literacy w/o confusion of any introduction of President George W. Bush stressed war years!]

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