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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:01 am

Many need to be schooled on the recent falsities Hillary Clinton espoused for a biased favorable stand per the bad recovery.*

Shackles OFF!!!  President Obama must liberate Attorney General Loretta Lynch to chase down and arrest the railroading of the Clintons’ machinations!!!  President Obama must free AG Lynch to rise above the Clintons’ machinations  for himself to now forward be liberated, even if not clean enough to be existentially free.  President Obama should unshackle his top law enforcement officer, - she the first black female United States Attorney General, to catch as may catch what has roots in the Clintons’ machinations of an extant a scandal too of an axis of evil.

Millennials the future is in your hands, - if President Obama will risk his own freedom by unshackling AG Lynch to chase down and be to arresting the Clintons’ machination.  Millennials your mission, - the mission you all must accept and rise to is to a fierce battle ahead in the domestic, though with dark foreign angles, as a due engagement to a Loretta Lynch v. Hillary Clinton.

Millennials, you may not have been educated civilly well enough to your civic duties, - you may not be a generation yet schooled enough in the roots of these united states of Americas prudence as established constituted to a daily calling to judge - to be fully discriminating for a metaphysical apropos a street, - a basic sense, to how pregnant any conscience of their battle between good and evil as if bloating too far to the darker evils.

Millennials, you may still need to be schooled, - somehow disciplined to a practice regular to say “religious” in a dedication to excellence, still specifically particularly to appreciating the finety to discern of the good v. evil to there present, to your conscience, the ingredients either too of “machinations” and, to the or better, of the “sagacious”!

Hillary Clinton lied the other day, - yes Mrs. C. lied again the other day!  In New Hampshire as officially filing to run for highest national office she did lie about the economics and recovery that has embattled so many for so long.  Millennials you must not leave this struggle for freedom to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, alone!  Millennials these are your battles; - you must help save the sagacious and fight the machinations, - especially the Clintons’ “machine” operations to affect lies as if TRUTH.

All may be lost!!! Millenials if President Obama doesn’t risk he own freedom by liberating Attorney General Loretta Lynch, - if President Obama doesn’t soon unshackle the top law enforcement officer of these united states of America the Union and its essential freedoms may become to lost, - to now so lost and gone to be forever more evermore gone.

Yes it is Verterans Day 2015 and we seem called to ask you Millennials to do your part even if you need to be now schooled better than you yet have been ever schooled to civics and civil responsibility, - and for the defense of “sagacious” and readiness in offense for the offenses of “machinations”! Yes, Millennials, this Veterans Day is about you and if you will let Attorney General Loretta Lynch stay so shackled from doing the right thing and from chasing down the bad of the Clintons’ “machine” to arresting at least “HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT” “#HILLARY2016″ in time.

This is far more dire than the lies Hillary Clinton worked in New Hampshire as to a proposition of perfect innocence for Clintons.  This is far more dire, and a real battle brewing, concurrent to the juxtaposed opportunity and diversity of promise of Republicans regularly showing in debates as of the goodness in being of being of sagaciousness. 

This is dire to the bone, - the bones of the Clintons lies, for it is by machinations only that they have enough supposed “innocence” to yet be engaged, - to railroading with lies,  as again by campaigning.  The dire, you need be schooled to, is to there core of their bad, if to so an “axis of evil”, for the New Hampshire most recent lies lay globally enmeshed to their a diabolical of the “TWO HISTORIES” conundrum of http://bit.ly/TwoHistories {This will open to an assortment now yet with this column showing first} sorted.

The lie of Hillary Clinton as to the causes of the ‘bad recovery’ besides utterly ridiculous is as preposterous in it propositions still a “PERFECT CLINTON” and blames only Republicans while the GREEN AGENDA and the liberal corporation like institutions of education by their endowments shorting, then just before the 2008 elections, are such great variables that you may have to do your duty to getting the liberal media to do its duty to aiding a liberating of Loretta Lynch so that the Attorney General has the freedom to arrest the vastness of the Clintons’ ridiculous machinations.

Millennials you are called to engage in a necessary battle as serious, but not as personally threatening as many of your precedent and current elders did engage to and sacrifice for, - for so someday like now you could help do the hard work of the political public adjustment pressuring so that the shackles can come off for an already quite due Loretta Lynch v. Hillary Clinton.

How much training and schooling do you think you now need to know enough to understand how dire even just this weeks new lie in Clintons’ machinations is as an economics lie as to the actual lay of the causes behind the slow to bad “recovery”?

The Clinton Machine needs to be taken on directly and officially, and to get to that the nation may need Millennials smartly engaged socially politically firstly.  Can there be an unshackling of our top law enforcement officer to a chasing down and arresting of the bad so bad of the Clintons Machine it can be considered some an “Axis of Evil”?

Millennials, your mission, should you fain from accepting it, and to if it gets left uncommenced, - undone, will render you en masse a sad lot that many of your elders won’t miss as so established and confirmed unbecoming to disgraceful.

It is ridiculous that we have talk of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT as if the most important thing in the whole world now is to that these united states of America have their first female President, and especially ridiculous it is for the void of concerted consciences to how Attorney General Loretta Lynch as vetted to be the top law enforcement officer of the Union now is like shackled herself and arrested from offering herself freely as a first female President better democratic alternative and to such a wonderment for democracy and Posterity as too then that the American first female President could and is currently better to be yet as a FIRST FEMALE FIRST BLACK FEMALE LADY PRESIDENT.

Class is out for now, - millennials!  Consider this of “homework” that you should be able to divine as necessary and apropos.

Class is out for now, - this Veterans Day!  Millennials you nation as Ordered Constitutional can not abide you bailing on it.

Class is out for now, - wise to Hillary Clinton lies, and as of Clintons machinations.  Sagacious can you be, - be for us, our US?

                                     *     *     *     *     *

*Assignment: albeit expectant as already divined:  Delve to the truth that the partisan politics to the GREEN AGENDA &, at least, the liberal .edu endowment shorts were at least as much to blame for the bad recovery, - that there are clear and present variables that attest to Hillary Clinton lied to just blaming Republicans, - lied again, and, lied again of us to hoping this new lie not again a Clinton lie to it #rap #4real of #HillaryClinton:


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