May 2024
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:09 am

Some times love just doesn’t arrive in time.

Other times there may have been an attempt to politicize and delay for politics.

We have that we are still of a time of Clinton - yet these are not now “just Bill being Bill times” innocent.

Feckless may be less appropriate than another suggestion  to Un-Constitutional “over-reaching.”

But we have words for such.

But we have words for such.


We may want to avoid “chauvinist” for starters - this is maybe too personal a saga to lead with.

We may want to start with “leach” for to avoid avoiding the implicit attempt to Carnegie Hall Tower regality.

You too may not be able to avoid “megalomaniac”!

But in the name of the Clinton are we to use of “racist” politically speaking for “First Black President” of Harlem Clinton?

Are we of a dangerous hanger-on not of (innocence) once of “just Bill being Bill” with Bill still stepping on Hillary’s toes too.

We have that in the name of the Clinton - globally are initiatives to be to people more to an “in the name of the Clinton” than laws.

Are you of the Party of Clinton?  or are you of the Party of Obama? 

Do you mind the apparent racism and chauvinism of Bill?

Do you mind the apparent racism and chauvinism of Bill to grandstanding and revivals for all to be still to an “in the name of the Clinton”?

This is not a happy place for most Americans and Greeks these days - even Italians now too.

This is a time of the two trillion cut by Clinton with one of such too much to the “in the name of the Clinton” such that it has been of spending cuts found to have been for necessary not disposable budget items.

This is a time of the one trillion cut by Clinton politically for SURPLUS popularity that is proving to be costing us near three to four trillion or such to get back in to our budgets as missed missing necessary spending.

Who in the BBD needs more now in the name of the Clinton?

[Note:  this column is now first draft and near half way thought to and composed with me now having a schedule to keep — look back later for return to the words to discuss the words more appropriate to such still too much in the name of the Clinton.  I’ll be back to this as soon as I can - but won’t be near computer again until at least late afternoon.]

{When Clinton had to leave office - our office of the President - for what ever reasons - his pals all were wrong to work together in such spirit to help him find ways to stay relevant so specifically as if a shame that he was too young to stop getting to be President still - The Clintons’ foundations and specifically the CGI were conceived of in an extra-Constitutional over-reaching especially for its day.  We haven’t had a normal president since such former President was set up to stay powerful and global of such international and domestic entanglements beyond our fair terms writ terminology.  We haven’t had a normal President since former President Clinton set up so even less than he had worked to and hoped to be able to be globally daily to a extra-Constitutional over-reaching very much to a regular “in the name of the Clinton” structuring of actual and real power.}

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