June 2020
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:16 am

May Day has passed.

As we stare down remnants of our recent Memorial Day here in America “Americana” is or is not a left-over.

A long view towards a fresh self-helping all about our confederated republic is now a view towards November.

It may be more telling to a new HOPE - a NEW HOPEFUL - that Ann Romney has two Cadillacs than that First Lady Michelle Obama is farming out austerity - tilling a new agri-state for all with shovel fulls from our White House.

We should have expected trouble - troubling leadership from an American born William Blythe III - especially after learning of such having sought English lessons.  We should have been forewarned by one taken to the last name Clinton as well for history we could have learned from of the time of Governor Clinton of New York State that necessitated Hamilton Madison and Jay to works as Publius.

Independence Day is coming.  Long live Independence Day!  Was Oxford the best place for a new Clinton to learn to be more directed to Autocracy or totalitarianism?  For a Clinton born a Blythe there must have been a predominant penchant for our revolutionary days yet so for one then less of a special relationship but a relationship non the less.  If he wanted to keep control of the BOUNTY shall we say he had better been wise to ways early American of such as other Governor Clinton above mentioned - he had better learn to appear different and differentiated from his command wants - so it seems.

It is clear as day that our summer is started with our fresh faces of our Executive much ado about austerity and home grown.

Pie may spoil President Obama’s diet - but weren’t we led to believe in Clinton as a two Big Mac & two packaged McDonald’s apple pie a day Executive?  We can warm to Michelle Obama, First Lady of our United States of America, actually of a maternal rule with kitchen and baking time as still we can’t really for Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

We have not heard though of a REZCO PLANTATION or a REZCO VICTORY GARDEN in Hyde Park or that the four car garage of the Obama Chicago Estate largely dedicated to field and garden passions or dedicated self-help American self reliant particular tilling.  We do have that Ann Romney by having two Cadillacs stands in Americana as an American Women who wouldn’t have let her husband, if means were present, to let her standards fall to disgrace of an industrial and conceptual failing.

May Day has passed and only some of our Memorial Day echoes now to a long view forward with left-overs.

May Day has passed and we have that “homegrown” for our Obama’s seems maybe a very new thing.

May Day has passed and you too can consider a women with two Cadillacs knows a private save of General Motors might have been a new chivalrous for her husband and/or his ilk and not of a new necessary hailing towards totalitarianism or a “Big Government” take-over.  It does seem clear we are of a 2012 long view now with two very distinctly different economic theory views and so too a public - private governance workings.  We do seem to be much of an age essentially called to a buffet Americana or less so much newly to a serving or service to a new federalism.

I do not know if you know your state’s Governor’s name - the name of your neighboring state’s Governor or your neighboring town or cities mayor.  You may be in too limited a minority if you actually do.

I am not a one to mess with that 2012 is also the year of the women - both types of women.

We can say that we wouldn’t have had THE FEDERALIST PAPERS without Governor Clinton, and, we can say that we would be now to this essential NEW FEDERALISM but for Governor Clinton (President Clinton - of a Presidential wants too much as Gov. Clinton earlier kept to New York empire wants).

President William Jefferson Clinton was born William Blythe III & and earlier Governor Clinton of New York that gave rise to a mediated need for such as was of Publius moniker for Hamilton Madison and Jay was of the era too post our Revolution as was Fletcher Christian of THE BOUNTY and the questionable leadership and commanding nature of Captain William Blygh.

I am not a one to mess with that 2012 is also the year of the women - both types of women.  Clearly there are many actual now expert in the liberal feminism model and as well in the conservative feminism model.  I am likely (hopefully) still a man of the middle - but you too may now be puzzling as to this for 2012:


Two Cadillacs suggests a women that wouldn’t have let her car company of shared standards actually fail - and how.

A gardening by First Lady Michelle Obama does till austerity and how - but did she ever have a garden before?


We do still much have the leadership of President Clinton to worry ourselves about - even more so than Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William J. Clinton - why have they created as much a need for THE FEDERALIST PAPERS now as an earlier Governor - Governor Clinton once of New York State did himself? 

Is it just the misses Clinton of serving up such a need for a NEW FEDERALISM - reactively against her philosophy and practices in governance?   And, how have we gotten here, so far dangerously along to here now, for one once so of a Rose Law Firm while her husband was Governor that even that job for her seemed of political nepotism and affirmative action?

As we stare down remnants of our recent Memorial Day here in America “Americana” is or is not a left-over.

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