May 2024
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#PoetJPHogan #PressBriefing #News101:

#115thCongress #Democrats worrisome at #SexualAbuse coaching in #Olympics!

I fear #Dems have no capacity to resolved on issues, and as #ACA #Obamacare dynamic is that there must now be a #SickCode for everything less the Federal Government becometh medically liable for sans a #MedicalCode for each & every ailment.

#Olympic #SexAbuse seems party to how the #DemocraticParty has long been as a party grossly wrong & deficient in ranks.

Is there a #DemocratParty leader able to lead on Olympic abuse?

Let me be clear: Any Democrat must to be assuaged competent now must be able to understand #SPORT as separate from a collective marched & marshalled for a disciplined compliance to cold standards as a uniform standard. Democrats to get Olympic abuse right still have to understand passions & differentiate from assymilations marshalled tor uniformity.

Let me be clear: Democrats seem unable to establish a difference medically politically between “sexual” & “sexual abuse” of how coached to be a greatest American.

Can you discern a potential of Democrats to get sexual abuse right? Can you discern a prudence of Democrats to an establishment for jurisprudence on coaching sexual abuse?

From that witnesses today live on #CSPAN by Democrats of sexual abuse coaching I am near at a loss for just words and must now also lean on hope there are republican experts.


How must Democrats differentiate themselves from the parental & guardians duty to safe spaces for young ambitious children wanting to rise above just assymilated compliance to disciplines for uniform “sport”?

How do Democrats parse the need for “coaching” as traditionally for Olympic Dreams of called upon to “SHARE THE DREAMS” by “co-aching” engagement for extra ordinary disciplines of reaching and dreaming to performances in passions?

How do any Democrats separte for jurisprudence & now nationalized healthcare sick codes medical codes a bequest to be of involvement of Olympic coaching to passions of trangressed to realm of passions & “co-aching” “LIVING THE DREAM” from “sexual” coached to “sexual abuse” differentiated?

How do Democrats now posture themselves of “sexual abuse” and to when a medical code re: Olympics is from “passions” engagement of a hire professional as contracted to “coach” above normal cold compliance and mandates of physical “sport”?

How do Democratic legislators propose a resolved standard themselves of “sexual abuse” to of that as per Olympics and dreams of greatness to performances into passions as when “abuse” is is “abuse” while athletes are maybe asking the impossible?

Republicans are you now not prepared too for Democrats engagements on Olympic abuse - coaching particulars as when contracts for “co-aching” passions & #YUGE ambitions may have parents more negligent and miscreants than a too unchaperoned youth or engaged party of “expectations” over scoped & over PERFORMANCE ON CONTRACT unleashed?

There shall be no tolerance for #ABUSE - #RepublicanMovement must continue its long march for greatness & encouragement - how is it now, maybe, that the Democrats are less prepared for coaching sexual abuse as relates to excellence living the dreams?

Republicans how can you heal the confusion of under Democrats long bent to SECULAR SOCIALISM for an ELITE LEFT RULING CLASS established there then of #WINNING only dynamic of WHO YOU KNOW - WHO YOU’VE SLEPT WITH? How can a innocence be reset while Democrats methodology is beggard & deficient?

How can youths see their way clear to nation is under Lord and performances of each is under Lord before under any Governement and that greatness to rising above can be achieved by prayers - praying for blessing - praying for divine accumulation of a worked for discipline to achievement?

How can innocence be reset to structured & facilitated of that a Political Government doesn’t suppress greatness can be achieved through #PRAYER respecting politicians like government are also lesser - under Lord?

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ps: Whom are those of #DonaldJTrump to lead - and by example - of the #TRUMP #PresidentialFitness campaigns?

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