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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:35 am

It is a wonder these economic times we are in.   For starters we have that George Stephanopoulus appeared liberated last week.

George, shall I report, was very much early to and long a part of “it’s the economy, Stupid!”  This dates him back to the early 1990s and so to a party participation before there was a candidate Clintons.

About the ECONOMY:  About the Clintons et al:  George, shall I report, did seem liberated last week.

As Mrs. Merkel may be to scuttling tankers, I have long been to an economy with NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES and an international fleet justified by climate threats.   George did seem liberated by his former boss last week stumbling and back stepping so much he tried to float as if an “expert” about the economy, now and before.

Last Sunday’s ABC Sunday political talk with George Stephanopoulus where he felt he no longer dared to offer or feel obliged to a loyalty to either Clinton of the Clintons’ BOGO “two-fer” - he seemed quite different - quite liberated - less of the “economic” “stupid.”

We have had a serious CRISIS OF VALUATION - for sure - both parties have due still “mea culpa’s” for the workings bi-partisan of the Clintons’ second term.

You can decide yourselves if you have or can get past the facts that in 2008 more Americans went to the pols and voted with opinions driven by false and misleading information and propositions.

I don’t know that I have changed my views on economics since I was to offering at least allusions to such in letters to Representative Gephardt’s offices when this George was there hardly a “national” figure, yet.  The “we need a more level playing field” internationally and my call for a “back to basics” survive to me as well reasoned but corrupted by more than a few at least of the Clinton set of new Democrats.

As per this “stupid” and general economics I do alert that George Stephanopoulus seems liberated and now maybe unpredictable.  For the record this past Sunday due to the French Open broadcasts I did switch to viewing Stephanopoulus’ renditions and not a quick channel channel with disgust and intellectual caution those so many past moments where for years I managed to turn the channel within seconds of realizing I had even risked a few seconds of hearing the George still stuck under Clintons and seemingly working too much to a loyalty than a reasoned economic science.

Though our economy is in part down just because the Clintons either shouldn’t have worked politically to a trillion dollars of surplus crass cutting to “survive” politically after the Republicans during first term had worked a miracle and proven that a balanced budget was actually possible and that a trillion could safely be found for cuts in spending, or, because they shouldn’t have worked to the HOUSING BUBBLE RISKY LOAN HYPER CONSUMERISM pimping with their specific and personal politics, or, shouldn’t have worked so politically thinking the new dot com boom meant that the seated pols of those days regardless of party had best to get with the tech that could finally be used to fool all of the people most of the time unless it would be used to work them out and down.

George did seem tolerable and liberated this past Sunday - necessarily, since I still would have changed channels if he had seems a new and freer “journalist” aboard with anti-Clinton “analysis.

I stand still with my opinion that the Clintons and their meddling and economics with their contrary politics did set up most of this economic mess and maybe with diabolical purposes a part of such and to a discussable premeditation selfish in scheming, personal for and between Clinton spouses.

We also besides all this have that banks may have been to what corruption we have now long been reading about without the Clintons and maybe as a bad era generally of a national cross party glee.  We have that George’s boss did ask banks to “find a way to gamble away risks” expected from a housing bubble push he/they thought they better shouldn’t have been to, and, that so still we have that they shouldn’t have been so stupid to such economics while also being to rashly and crassly cutting a trillion more from budgets to have a partisan  political balance to save Mrs. Clinton’s ambitions in a SURPLUS to look as much the heroes as Republicans after Republicans had miraculously found a safe trillion to cut to “BALANCED.”

We have had a CRISIS OF VALUATION because of the Clintons.   Sure maybe only because Hillary the Mrs. announced she would run to return “two-fer” back to our White House, and, sure maybe only because former VP Al Gore worked so hard at an ALARMISM he spiked the gas prices so high that the Clintonomics’ dependence on hyper-consumerism became undermined - but still because of the Clintons - because of the Clintons maybe as best explained with former President Clinton’s economic “expert” remarks this past week or so.

We have, economically speaking, that companies and businesses and especially lenders can become too focused and impersonal to an inhumane business practice if they look at receivables and “contracts” too objectively and fail to go gestalt and whole business bodies with inside - outside vigilance to never forget while looking at an single receivable by contract somehow to also consider still a cost - benefit analysis related to the air of their accounts and a customer that may have a debit not as great as the “benefit” debit not of a contract that may be otherwise too great a “cost” to an inhumane consideration of just “costs.”

Our banks may have been on the way to being too corrupt without the corrupting selfish politics of the Clintons but after last week with former President Clinton insubordinate to party politics and a united partisan front for President Obama on the economy and possible solutions shouldn’t we also be considering that with the dot com boom the Clintons were able to corrupt too many Republicans during their second term?

I don’t know what George knew or when he knew it.  I know more than most about some that he knew that others still don’t.  I don’t know though with him seeming so liberated this past Sunday how he now will proceed towards covering better claims of economic “expertise” by his former boss and the suggestions by President Clinton to his “expertise” about his knowing now supposedly so much better and with a suggestion that he knew such earlier - such back in his “two-fer’s” second term.

There are at times economic benefits to companies that are bold and generous and volunteered but more as if of an Amateur with a hobby.   There are times that a company may have a simple contract with a person, an individual, with balances and due dates that is otherwise in the air of such a single entity having far greater benefit voluntarily to their profits and the general economy such that a step back and consider and a reconsider may be best before pushing for collection on a simple contract against such person who was greatly helping just voluntarily and with no obligation to continue helping if annoyed or angered by those he/she knows to be to millions and millions related to a general economic good will and integration of a united branding.

When a simple debt of contract may not be so simple how is it a business now can be so insensitive to push back made to help them remember to look newly and freshly at bigger picture of costs versus benefits analysis.  When a simple debt become impolitic how can a company not see it may be “shooting itself in at least one of its feet”?  How can a body politic but for a past corruption not yet publicly analyzed as well be to such a desensitized “stupid”?  

As we learn now that J P Morgan Chase has also been to lower standards and yet unthought of practices aren’t we all best to be now asking not just ourselves to ponder how long such may really have been going on?  Are we wise now to fight off another “stupid” and even consider that Chase may as far back as 2006 been to collections corrupted or too insensitive because they had been corrupted by the Clinton administration request by President Clinton to find ways to gamble away the risks in the economics he politically and selfishly wanted political popularity and a political save with?

I don’t know if it isn’t too early to call George now better educated - but he was seeming liberated last week.

Where there has been good will efforts and past huntings and of economic growth worked as an unrecognized individual’s personal efforts more as an amateur and independent we have that business should be always sensitive more to cost versus benefit feelings than a persistence to a cold simple contracts domination and objective stupidity.

If we are also to become as liberated we too may want to become, finally, as wised to what President Clinton claimed recently as of an economic “expertise” and as well to a pondering regarding what he knew and when he knew it.  For it seems even George may now get that it looks that if President Clinton knew this that then then that this now means then that this then had him knowingly setting up a general and at least national economic condition that should or would by his “expertise” be to a construct for our markets such that an election of Al Gore or George Bush both would have been to 7-8 years with an economy that was stuck not able to “recover” for that “five to ten years” with the emphasis on “ten” seeming more of such a supposition.

Educating George?  What did he know?  When did he know it?

If President Clinton is right and the “expert” he claims then it looks like this down economy was premeditated and meant politically to position the Mrs. for a take over of the national politics to a return of Clintons to our White House, on schedule, and so with timing such that they could look like economic experts for fixing their own “mistakes” or catching them just as the wave of recovering from them set.

What do they know?  When did they know it?  Really, based on President Clintons recent economic claims it does look like Clitnons would have had a President Al Gore just as stuck with a down economic inheritance so.

I don’t know what to say about GE or Mr. Jobs Czar or the others now titled un-Constitutionally as czars since our Constitution dis-allowes “titling”  per class - Jeffrey Immelt seems to have missed fortunes of opportunities to environmental cooling and even my idea for and international fleet for a WEATHER CORPS - with NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES - like actually submersible inside out refrigerators.

Just seems as well that GE could have been to so many more profits these past few years at least and maybe even to actually paying some fair taxes.

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