July 2019
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:15 am

We have afoot that Mitt Romney may be at home in the wheelhouse as an American De Gaulle.  We seem of times recently not of leaders in exile like De Gaulle able so to “return” and so revive a national spirit but more of a fog of war at home where our national spirit as founded was under attack and at risk. 

Maybe Mitt’s having been in Massachusetts is like De Gaulle having not been in France — more for you to say/decide, I guess.

But this composition isn’t about Mitt Romney - Candidate Mitt whom whose readiness to catch SCOTUS findings soon should have us reviewing his tact - his tacking - his tack - his tackticks.

No this is more about a COMING HOME for the Democrats - a real discussion of common sense and of “inheritance” abuse.

Just this morning I did hear a caller to a morning C-Span show cut to the quick about the Obama administration leadership of the Democrat Party that had enough votes in the Senate and House all the way until that other “41″ from Massachusetts.  Such caller was to simply stating a query to alight more to the dimness of immigration move now by President Obama for it riles and ralphs of a roughness of sloppy sea sloppy seamanship.  Such caller was the first I was to hear since upon such politics by President Obama to ask simply about a judgement about such now respective to his course in first years where he had the votes and the pen to have made such law - actual law.

Maybe though we should ask about Mitt Romney as an American De Gualle.  Maybe we should ask:  We can be American again like the French and Mitt is our man to have us know how to be French to be American again, yes?

Viva la revolucion?  Viva le resistance?  Play it again, America?

If we are to talk about HONOR are we necessarily to talking about “inheritance” and even “fair play”?

If what is good for the goosing is great for the gandering - is their a quorum for the gaggling?

How will Mitt Romney tactfully field the soon expected SCOTUS hit(s) he most will be expected to catch?

Just this morning did reflect - I did think to either relitigate the past or see it finally for a first time litigated.  No, until this moment I wasn’t as well so about the French having saved us about our independence coursing.  No, just this morning I was as well remembering the arrogance of the first years of Democrat Party control of Washington and how immigration should have been their first issue if cost cutting and cost savings were to be believable as the actual purpose of their ACA - their Obamacare.

They sure did give cause for a revolution - a RENAISSANCE IN TEA even.  And, now as the wars are passing and the fog of wars are lifting or parting we have the Democrat Party visibly in disarray and disparaged by their own cowing and coursing.

It is self evident that President Obama has been a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY President.  It is also figurable that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi just for her wide stance on Clintons’ SURPLUSES has been an willing vessel or instrument to austerity herself - for to be so proud of and for the Clintons’ SURPLUSES is to be anti-Obama but for an “austerity”.  We have that the Clintons with their SURPLUSES were vast left wing spending cutting fools and with then Speaker Pelosi so of such a pride there is no “fog” about her “austerity” cred for only “austerity” possible if the Clintons’ cutting to be heralded so.

But this isn’t supposed to be about Mitt Romney or if he now is to be an American De Gaulle.  No this is about HONOR.

Mitt Romney’s “wheelhouse” may still be ship shape and proper for a shining small “city” afloat on our seas, but this is supposed to be more of a “fog of war” clearing and about the lack of HONOR at least inherent in the Clintons.

There is danger in his “inheritance”!!!  There is danger in his “inheritance”!!!  There is danger in his “inheritance”!!!

And all three are separately to an erudity each individually specifically for a diction to discern critical variants.  

First, President Clinton “inherited” a time from President Bush 41 that did not justify such PEACE DIVIDENDS.

Second, President Clinton “inherited” a rare moment in history of civilizations of our the USA broaching to sole superpower status - due little if any to any works or bulwarks or breastworks his own.

Third, President Clinton did not leave things better than he had “inherited” them!  Look at 9/11 and now litigate?

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