January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:57 am


We are at a deja view “all over again.” 

Though it is very concerning that between now and November 2012 decidings our nation is to familiar battles between generations old and new and old and unborn, it is also very concerning as candidate and party choices for this fall decidings are to the oldest generations to be reviewed familiarly by their own of younger generations and as to their needs and spending habits and if it might actually be fair to abide by the absence of limiting principles in Obamanomics and Obama’s policies so that the youngest and the unborn even if not eighteen are being asked if it should be fair that they are to shoulder near $40,000 in national debt as “per capita” and soon as from birth.

Besides this challenge mult-generational to all American families to be to judging whether the oldest in their clan deserves the youngest and even unborn to be conceived to a near $40,000 personal national share of debt just because of an “unlimited” lifestyle and nationalism without limiting principles doctrinated though ordained to be.

We have at least two cases already under review by our highest court concerning the Obama administrations efforts to work legislatively to presumptions to new Constitutional Powers lacking in limiting principles so much that like the “Executive Privilege” claim today we are again some how just to looking at Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen/henchwomen as of airs Un-Constitutional of wants and actual practice seemingly to an:  If the President says it is legal then it is legal!!!

President Obama is likenable to a circus Ring Master more than a Captain of a cruise ship ship shape and in order in a wheelhouse.  As “slow and patient” now for so much seems afoot though of riling with much about “Fast and Furious”!  We have that we have President Obama so of a gone carney taggable even suggested with Mr. Carney as his official press mouthpiece.  As a circus Ring Master and known attempts to razzle and dazzle and distract with CRISIS and ALARMISM we still have the problem that he wanted to run and operate as President with a “PERSONALITY BASED PRESIDENCY”.

President Obama has become taggable and mashable and tweetable as if of clear and certain wants to dictatorial Powers so that if he says it is legal then it is legal.  I don’t know why he has proceeded so since his very first day with cover-up attempts so partisan and polarizing only Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton has yet maybe been already so greatly tagged for being so “polarizing.”

I don’t know how the Democrats now of the federal based calls for New Nationalism can work through all their own muck raking yet to even November decidings now with a forced familiar for so many to decide if the oldest about them just in their family are all being also too reckless and irresponsible with their spending and wants and while Obama as a New Deal Austerity President an allowance to at least disruptive whispers.

These are days to call us to remember - these are days of echoes of FROST - NIXON and others once wrong for lesser “if a President says it is legal then it is legal” politics.  These are days of a “deja view all over again” and yet just as per limiting principles missing grandly from policies already under review as that of Obama’s Administration and their sense of Justice now before our Honorable of our Highest Court - our Supreme Court of the United States.

I don’t know why President Obama and his henchmen/henchwomen have insisted on taking so many low percentage shots and to expectations of Powers Constitutional and NEW though still questionable and under review as merely legislated. 

As it is our new President has “GONE CARNEY” we are all best to be wised up to this visibly a cover to cover as to “cover-up”!  It is not entertaining that a President would attempt to Govern as if the Harlem Globetrotters with all low percentage shots and the Washington Generals left almost daily to suffer the visible defeats. 

It is worse still that basketball player young President Barack Hussein Obama with his Hero Complex if so is of wants to not just be successful as if the Harlem Globetrotters with only low percentage shots but to be a one man team with “executive privilege” now “Frosty” suggestive that families and all their generations should consider his “play” believable and of his superior skill evidenced by daily suffered defeatism by say the Washington Generals and all their “players”!

This hasn’t been at all entertaining for me - this “Frost -Holder” or “Gone Carney”!

It is not a circus to me - but that this administration has “gone carney” since day one — I can call the President a liar and since his day one first moments post swearing his oath, however, for his speechifying with his inaugural orations lacking in erudity or class and with such an absence of bi-partisan spirit for his marked words and diction about accusations to “it is all Bush’s fault”!

This is a lie!  This is a lie that I can proclaim such for my two decades of involvements, however, and those so, however, to having been involved and useful to both the Clinton Administration and the Bush Administration.   “It is all Bush’s fault” was and stands as a diabolical political lie of new low standard for polarizing partisan politics - and one that I can attest is a lie just because of what I know about my own story of assistance and involvements, however, to both parties and both preceding administrations. 

And besides now with “Executive Privilege” claim that stinks of a guilt and a need to plead the fifth it now echoes of still under review other policies with similar Constitutional problems for us due to absence of Constitutional principles of checks and balances with “limiting principles”!

There is a lot more somehow of these concerns on my facebook.com/jpeterhogan “timeline” and so with tweeting links via my “twid” (twitter ID) @jphoganorg.

I don’t know how to offer objective punditry myself for what has to be so many familial political decisions and with discussions about an austerity of a New Deal Austerity or a new conservationism of their CRISIS GOVERNANCE and its ALARMISM with GLOBAL WARMING - END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT SCARING. 

Shock and awe?  -  Razzle Dazzle?  -  Fast and Furious?  Slow and Patient? 

With them so now of “Executive Privilege” assertion - where are we wisest now to start looking - where were we supposed to have successfully been distracted from looking that now we all are wisest to start looking first?

Yes,  I can assert that President Obama is a liar.  I do remember that the Clintons lost their machinations then with an over confidence of a underestimation while of mantle of “inevitable” a while ago to opponent Obama and after half their Hollywood “friends” seemed all to echo that far above whispers heard of “THE CLINTONS ARE BIG LIARS!”!

I know that for President Obama to have officially asserted the actual quite impossible propositon “It is all Bush’s fault!” was an official lying from day one.  I know this personally to be so - I have much just at http://jphogan.org also available via http://citizenrosebud.us that speaks to such maybe as well as just more of a want of grandeur with success with a fascination of tales of making low percentage shots as if high percentage and prudent, actually.

We are at a deja view “all over again.”  And we don’t even have to look back more than three years to have a very visible history now as it becomes even more concerning and less comedic or entertaining.

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