January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:38 pm

There is a missing moral fiber in this diet of compassionate conservatism.  We have that a rascal - a young rascal of a President has had his hands slapped by better lawyers - all served up - aired out - debated & affirmed with strong dissent.

To some this is like a CADDY SHACK “X” or another GROUNDHOG DAY for gophers.

For membership in this buffet of over coddling especially Warren Buffett you don’t have to also get served - like maybe.

If you are a billionaire in Moscow you may be sitting pretty and above all this.

If you are a billionaire in Moscow you have been reported at least by foreign press to be of a conclave locally as the largest class of world’s richest - as like:  The city with the most number of billionaires is Moscow.

The rascal that is “boy wonder” Barack Hussein Obama, President, has a dog of a barked ruling to live down while trying to now live up to it and it so much of an era known for compassionate conservatism.  What this dog needs is more fiber - some moral bits of fiber.

What is likely to really set its teeth with bite now upon Presidency of Obama and his moral stature is really that besides his complexity with his fog of religiousness he sits as President as a man born a Muslim boy who chose Christianity as a better religion - while of his right mind.

We have that this rascal does want to be a hero for saving the entire world as we know it from a sudden end and doom due to supposedly unchecked global warming and/or climate change.   In some ways his is a JETSON - a rascal as a still young “Barry Jetson” - yet a “Jetson” getting affirmative action to talk about.  He is futuristic, even too futuristic, but in the compassionate conservatism of his embrace of tenets of Romneycare.

I don’t know if you can say the recent opinions and ruling from the ACA - Obamacare, as a BACK TO SCHOOL like embarrassment for young rascal of a President the “boy wonder” who chose Christianity over Islam - the “Barry Jetson” of a futurism in his own time - the one and only Barack Hussein Obama, are not now a dog about him for what was ruled Un-Constitutional yet of these efforts rascalish yet of a compassionate conservatism his to own forever as work of an inadequate legal professionalism.

It is the economy that is a bigger dog about this election year and as implied by Warren Buffett no less as much because Democrats had been over coddling him and for too long.  So it took a Republican to get us here - but how.

Obamacare is a dog of a work of inadequate legal professionalism with bite yes and big teeth - is it the young rascal of a President that wants to be a planetary hero for saving the earth able to run fleetly enough from its likeliness to catch him from behind?

Yes I do believe it has been confirmed that Moscow is home to the “most number of billionaires” for one of our world as we know it per one city - one greater metropolitan area.  They do seem protected from and above all this - but how?  But why?  Where is a reasoned and cohesive moral fiber as a visible intelligent strand through all this American politics about ACA - Obamacare?

It is the economy that is a bigger dog about this election year and as some know it isn’t President Obama’s explanations or excuses you should be believing - some know better - some to many have better legal professionalism too.   It is a more simple and so believable truth that the Dems with excessive liberalism and the already some admonished or scolded “over-reaching” are actually already sized up as those that caused the down economy and all their convenient CRISIS moments.

Do you like this rascal of a young Presidency as fleet enough to outrun this dog now to daily alarms as if each new day was just yesterday all over again?  Do you like him as a futuristic “Barry Jetson” “boy wonder” that managed to save and entire planet single handedly and in time for his next election?  Do you get that he is the uncontested self proclaimed new New Deal Austerity inheritor of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt social state madness?

How big a dog is Obamacare?  Romneycare didn’t tank the Massachusetts’ economy but it seems you cannot quite say the same about Obamacare for his pronounced Un-Constitutional over-reaching of embarrassing inadequate professional legal erudity - can you?

So its a TAX - a morally as it stands as a Federal Tax power that cannot really be denied as long as Presidents are willy nilly allowed taxing powers to revenues to wars of choice and/or unnecessary wars.  There can be a war on health - like - but there is not a Constitutional RIGHT to healthcare - right?   And yet we have President Obama also rascalish each day he wakes and leans on the kept closer to the citizen people compassionate conservatism that is historically Romneycare.

Obamacare is a dog with teeth and now bite!  Obamanomics is still a dog - is a dog as well he may not be able to shake.

Until November each new day will seem an awakening alarmed as if it was yesterday all over again - and again - Right?

It is a TAX - and one he cannot outrun now for it morally as a tax is one that all - everyone is of a duty to pay - EVERYONE.

IT IS A TAX ON EVERYONE!  It has to be morally speaking - speaking though with compassion - Right?

I know he our President that chose Christianity over the religion of his birth may dog him in more than one way too.

I know he our President does seem to have needed every dollar the Bush Administration expended to research and development of new technologies more efficient and even say “green”.

I know if he tries to be a “Barry Jetson” as a “wonder boy” that saved the entire planet he too may be to running from another dog after at bite at his “moralisms” for it seems to have done gone and save the entire planet in just that year or two he must know something that we don’t - he must know that President Bush must have prudently been actually a “green” President, right?

Mr. President - about Moscow - about so many billionaires seeming safely above and beyond this - how could you?  Can you explain the global moral inconsistencies? 

Why are you running Mr. President? 

But for your golfing - we see you can “dress” like a Compassionate Conservative - but can you out run your dogs? 

Should you be able to outrun these dogs - your dogs?  

And while BACK TO SCHOOL on the Constitution so embarrassingly at least for your Dem legislators and their lawyers?  

How is it this is legal more if a state does it than if the State so attempts such over-reaching?

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