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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:32 pm

I could go on here about how as Washington became our first President and with only one of his own teeth left and as an argument against Obamacare.  I am now as July 4, 2012 approaches making my way through our early days while reading Ron Chernow’s WASHINGTON.

I do wonder about all the “Doubting Thomases” about today and whence.  I expect that Doubting Thomases predate Thomas Paine and help so explain his perspective and common sense groundings.

We have ourselves all consecrated as well by President George Washington’s First Inaugural with its “AMONG the vicissitudes incident to life…” and so with that such spoken with such import the suggestion that healthcare was not to be an American Constitutional right.  I have learned from Chernow that George Washington seems to have inherited books about sex from his parents in law.  I learned from reading the First Inaugural of our United States how grounded our first President was to a new land so with a new government and all the ups and downs of its citizens - all the “vicissitudes incident to life…”. 

The best piece I may have yet heard orated (for its irony from the whom orating) about the wisdom of limited terms for Power holding is still possibly one performance by Senator Clinton years ago where though projecting other meanings she did very well celebrate George and Martha’s foundational wisdom.

Oh, and were now to start about the political and common sense governance problems with ACA - Obamacare? — where now to start a full and deep discussion still of vicissitudes incident to life but to the “wisdoms” about shortcomings of Obamacare?

To jump ahead to Abe Lincoln and his COOPER UNION SPEECH?  To try to be of the common sense of George and Martha and how our First President commenced our Union with special oratory to proclaim Martha all the “pecuniary” or “personal emoluments” he needed from his new Country? - to how he pledged fidelity to Martha and in lieu of becoming a tyrant or conqueror taking for himself all he might be able to?

That Bill and Hillary have tried after decades of plotting and scheming to try to work around the wisdom of George and Martha to a taking of more terms for their “two-fer” nearly ‘however’ we may be here more in a down economy because they also took liberties with the wisdoms of Thomas Paine and especially with a looseness for pecuniary responsibility in budgeting as their two trillion cut with that extra trillion to SURPLUS pops up now AMONG the “most likely” and “simplest” explanations and as a most tagable and mashable conceivable to a first couple to a fiduciary “GROSS NEGLIGENCE”!

It was ironic when Senator Hillary Clinton spoke of President Washington to a wisdom in limiting power whence.  It still is, quite.

We have that the economy is suffering from too much “progressivism” and as a new revolution too soon upon an earlier revolution - and by ten years at least so.  We have that much that happened in the early 1990s was revolutionary and necessary as a “NEW WORLD ORDER” was quite a vicissitude itself.  We have that the Clintons inherited a boom time and then with their works developed a instability for our future economics.  We have that the very Clinton economic “experts” more then free riders on a boom economic inheritance for their inability to effect a repeat boom economic are now too suspect - we have that we should be doubting the “experts” of the Obama economy especially for being the “exerts” of the Clintons and now specifically for a failure to repeat a performance that as “experts” should have been a home run guaranteed.

We have as I above mentioned that we can look at our down economy as the fault mostly of the Clintons or at least their “experts” and much for an excess of progressive or liberal policies pushed and pimped out unsynchronized in a haphazard over reaching careless much for it of attempts to do too much at once.

We have President George Washington’s lead still to follow.  We have the attempts by the Clintons’ “two-fer” to work and exceeding proposition against the charm and democratic distinction of George and Martha now still much as a real concern.

We have that the speech I remember by Senator Hillary Clinton may be the first piece I would look for to show others an argument orated best to guard and protect our Constitutional wisdoms embodied for us by George and Martha as a check and balance ding ding ding alarmism to forewarn but maybe too late of a subversion and extra Constitutional wanting of and by the Clintons.

As we look now to understand the ARAB SPRING we have that the Bush FREEDOM AGENDA better explains how America didn’t get caught on the wrong side of it with much still to be shamed and guilted about related to an abandonment of Afghani and Iraqi peoples (during the Clintons’ years).

That said America would be better to recognize that the Obama administration has been with Clintons described by their Brookings experts at least as having been surprised and not prepared for the economy nor for the ARAB SPRING.  We have that we have an administration now that seems to have sought office expecting one thing and maybe offering ideology for a new governance potentially then acceptable that but for the surprises they have been documented now as unprepared for now a sore subject since it seems what they planned for stopped long ago being appropriate or at least considered enough.

We have us as a nation that until the Obama administration could still be said to have quite nearly only waged defensive wars.  With this administration and it so to offensive warring we have that a national healthcare morality financially in a governance wisdom and prudence therefore seems best left to our states and not moved to our State.  We have that if to offensive warring so we should avoid a national healthcare morality commitment so as not to then become beholden to all the peoples of any foreign state we may be in with enough force to effect and occupation - enough say as proven to be about 150,000 troops.

Our states and the National Guard units are most considerable in these times for never maybe has each state had so many ready and salted with sands of time experience to a state power from an armed and ready citizen guard all COMBAT READY.

It seems with our current vicissitudes incident to our times we have that besides neighbors still being best to care for neighbors and with neighbors that are doctors or healthcare professionals of a community known for the others of their neighborhoods and streets it is a moral danger to suggest or consecrate that if America is in control then all controlled by the United States therefore are due the same healthcare provisions and to a matching level of care, especially as we are in odd new times with a young administration quite a first for offensive foreign operations more of choice than necessity.

Whose pain is your pain?  Is our Paine your “common sense” too - or also did it just used to be?

Would a good Samaritan under a kept Obamacare become a traitor to his State if again to good Samaritan deeds?

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