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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 2:48 pm

If we could just all go back in time and have a great big Clinton do-over lighter times these could be.

Once upon a time in Washington DC the Republicans came into power in our Congress and worked to show the new President of the Democrat Party that change was actually possible.

Oh!  Oh the verbiage that would flow? - flow quieted to within the Clinton White House, with all the adjectives, and perjoratives?  

If you bore witness might you now have a tune to whistle or “share”? 

Were you there - what did you see?  Were you there - what did you hear?

Can you remember the times of the reign of the Clintons?  Can you remember how Democrats thought a balanced budget near impossible?

Those were the earlier but not the earliest days of the reign of the Clintons.

Those were the days nearer whence to weening days reportedly for Howard Dean as of the Hamptons from his youth with a rearing their born with at least two silver spoons for his hands.

There were days for less taxing writing and times when taxing writing style not needed for taxing times.

From the days early of the reign of the Clintons aren’t we to recall how it was the Republican sweep that brought in the possibility of a balance budget?  Wasn’t it the Republicans that scared the political wits out of the Clintons by proving that a trillion dollars could be found for cuts in spending necessary to reset our federal budgeting?

If you were the Clintons and either or either of the sides of their political union/marriage/”two-fer” then those were scary days indeed - seems reported and considered and incontrovertible.

If you had a time machine maybe you could go back and get inside the White House of the Clintons and hear some of the verbiage that must of spilled unrestrained as a political beat down was so wrought early then in the waking years of the reign of the Clintons. 

The book GAME CHANGE fails to portray Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Yale Law student Hillary Rodham ambitious enough to think she should become President someday.  Such book speaks of a quiet innocence inappropriate for Mrs. H. Rodham Clinton whom was documented as having been raised from youth to hit boys and to hit them first.

This isn’t as taxing a subject now as it used to be - this piece doesn’t need an extra question mark or “the the”s as a worked and due “too taxing” writing style for really taxing concerns - this piece is more about is being an is and other is and thought originally the real “is”.

The Clintons didn’t tax enough!  The Clintons cut too much and cut too much too quickly!  With the Clintons’ tax rates now an issue so must be a very public discussion about how the budgeting to SURPLUS so that they also found a trillion to cut was maybe felonious and of a gross negligence!

I do wish you had a time machine that could go back in time.  REALLY?

I mean did you read BLOOD SPORT? 

I do hope you at least read WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG!  Since we cannot go back in time to get the first hand timely dispositions of those dangerous political times for the Clintons we can at least look at these times and consider that the attitude of “we’re right - they’re wrong” is now a considerable problem of this administering of or by Barack H. Obama.

In these times we can look back on earlier times, yes, yet we cannot it seems actually go there enough for the hardest litigation that is possibly desired and due now.

I do hope tweeting isn’t ruining my grammar or yours.  Beware an extra poetic question mark and a taxing style maybe too taxing - it may be worked intentionally and purposefully.  Be forewarned!

These Democrats are much like their earlier Democrats.  Some of these Democrats specifically don’t want to be seen as the old Democrats that they particularly as an individual were themselves whence then.

Yes this is more about the economy - yes they can be said to have executively been stupid about economics.  These times now sit hard as proof more of their shortcomings of the earlier days than actually a bad hand and stupid economic card play by the administration of President George W. Bush.

Yes, actually, this is more about the economy and an attempt to speak some late to arrive truths than it is meant to be particular as a work of a partisan scribe.

Some of the unheard verbiage spoken pensively here would have gone to how Bill Clinton would have been in trouble with bride Hillary Rodham after the Republicans proved they could do the thought impossible when they found a trillion to cut to “balance” our federal budget. 

Bill had to keep his promise it seems to Hillary that he could run first for President of the United States as long as he made sure she would still get her own chance to drive their “two-fer” extra-Constitutionally in the seeming American Dream of the Clintons towards possibly effecting a power grab globally nearly to an affected “autocratic” Power.   Yes, it is possible - REALLY!

Before the Clintons did all this damage I write of hopefully in clear and concise grammatical long form they might have stopped and decided the country and maybe the world needed them to let go of their dreams to hold the executive power of the United States hostage to their whims at least sixteen years.

Was there timely and loud verbiage full of adjectives and perjoratives back whence when the trillion the Republicans proved could be found for cuts to “balance” then already may have been of a “too much cut too quickly”?  Can anyone remember and now attest even if with a whistling somehow?

Once upon a time in the 90s America hadn’t cut too much too quickly and had unrealistic budgeting for the actual global conditions and for the areas of unrest at least simmering due to an American abandonment. 

There were days after the Republicans found the thought impossible line items to cut where it would have been wise to stop and re-asses whether maybe they hadn’t been rash and of a cutting of too much too quickly.

The Clintons couldn’t abide this and could rest politically speaking - they first needed a political save for them as Democrats and then second needed the personal work over of such save for their selfish political spousal ambitions long to wants to grab and hold US executive power somehow for at least 16 years.

Again, I speak of these Clintons differently than the soft and flattering choice portrayal of “Hillary” as a selfless hero only late in life as told by GAME CHANGE to hearing the people speak up and ask her to consider for the first time in her life the thought that she low and behold might want to be President herself someday.

Again, Bill and Hillary and I first met in the early seventies and with them asking me specifically if I thought they both could become President of the United States some day. 

Yes, as GAME CHANGE was written it has left me wondering on how fantastic part of its story is - I do not know if the Clintons’ duped the authors and kept them seduced as of the heard rumors of a Clinton Press - I do know personally and now for quite a long time that I don’t need a time machine to know the Clintons needed to find another trillion to cut and then unavoidably to SURPLUS just to rework a save for their dreams to extra-Constitutional executive Power holding.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES are arguably of a near felonious gross negligence - they needed to also have a political score of also being able to find a trillion to cut - and now we in these times are paying because they did cut too much and cut it too quickly and dangerously while with their irresponsible “economic” programs have too many sad tales of woe and hard times.

Yes it certainly seems that the only need for those surpluses was to save Bill’s promise to Hillary that she would be able to get her own eight years if she let him go first - even though I tried to warn them in the 70s that if she married him only one of them likely could be sold to an electorate. 

Yes I was only near a first grader - I KNOW!  Funny what you think of when two strangers ask you as seemingly or self announced as Yale Law Students are to polling you kinda of so whence when they with their “can we both become president some day?” question whose answer changed oddly in my young mind then in a neighborhood know for its lawyers and law professors - odd how they asked the question as two not married students.

{SAD NOTE:  Yes Hillary Rodham Clinton - former FLOTUS and now arguably the worst Secretary of State our United States of America has ever had as long as “diplomacy” the charge of such job - my answer that day when the “young school boy playing alone in school yard” now long remembered was “YES” at first when question seemed for two that were not married legally.  It is still sad that after you turned to the other law student of equal right to dream big with a Yale Law degree that is still that “Bill” and said “then I will marry you” and thought you heard me say something that you were right I did say something for then I upon hearing you change a critical political variable not at first introduced my answer however inspired did suddenly change to “be careful of term limits - you might want to go first” to “no - not if you two get married.”  Yes it is sad to this day that from our first meeting I still remember your Bill of a lie with the first words he spoke to you after you of “then I will marry you” seemingly dependent on my answer.  Yes I still don’t just remember you asking your Bill “what did he say?” after you changed a critical variable of your query I remember that he look you in the eye and told you a lie and led you to think I hadn’t changed the answer to your question.  It was worse that he, your Bill, looked at me and expected me to lie about his lie about my asked for a got honest truth/opinion and as if a junior “wing man”.  I don’t know, Hillary, if your Bill has ever told you the truth - that is sad, really.  I do remember looking for you two again for weeks so that I could make sure you heard what my answer actually turned out to be.  I don’t know if the semester was over and you both left town - I don’t otherwise know if he just made sure not to walk that way again lest you discover you decision to marry him was based upon a lie by him.}

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