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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:52 am

President Barack Hussein Obama may be happiest when successful at getting you to think of him as a “David” and not a “Goliath.”

I don’t know how he has managed to still have so many not see him as a “Goliath” and while of these global days much of a new world ordering.  Even our states of our United States are some “Goliaths” more than “Davids.”

Before, long before, Thomas Friedman wrote for his THE WORLD IS FLAT works mine in strategized thinking were wrought towards a sharing and effecting such that an international “more level” playing field could be striped, marked & refereed.  America then was already a “Goliath” yet not so much now as President Obama affects.

We can keep this or at least try to make this an IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ECONOMY - SMARTIES.  We can try to discuss David and Goliath in our time less politically for now.   We should be able to discuss economically enough issues that can be measured and balanced as per global markets now without getting into how our being either now a “David” or “Goliath” is effecting our domestic politics, at least.

If we are now to foreign markets an oppressive “Goliath” just for the size and independent influence of some of our states then how can the collective whole not also now be also an oppressive “Goliath”?

President Barack Hussein Obama still doesn’t seem to get how much was worked to help make the world as we know it as “global” and “international” was long worked to even out the fields of play - the playing fields for fairer economics.

Yes that was meant as an alarming “economic” comment - not as a strictly or mostly “political” comment.

If you are a “David” - where are you? - how are you there?  Is the ground wooded and uneven with an advantage for a giant that Sun Tzu would have seen as sufficient cause to retreat or to battle another day?

It seems it would necessarily be political to discuss President B. H. Obama as a globally “apologetic David” or otherwise as a “apologetic Goliath” - we likely can avoid that for now and focus more specifically on sensitivities of markets - international markets not exclusively, though.

If we are to others of the world now as an Obama Goliath then what might such be begeting?  The Clintons National Security Council official Philip Bobbitt in his TERROR AND CONSENT did document a view that if a governance from Washington be too much of and with Hollywood it has so been known to beget terrorism. 

If we are to others of the world less free, however, now as an Obama Goliath then will they address us, however, as “Davids” in level markets in a global economic or might they think that if Americans persist in presenting itself as an Obama Goliath then it should be met squarely by reorganizations to “Goliaths” of their own, however?

Yes, it seems a fair assessment of our current predicament much still of President Washington’s first words “AMONG the vicissitudes incident to life…” that some of our states are now quite and internationally quite so as “Goliaths” in their own mass and attitude.

If a former Clinton NSC expert can document a concern that a Clinton Administration may have begot terror by governing to close and intimately with Hollywood then therefore now we must be more a “GOLIATH” than the “David” President B. H. Obama would rather be over estimated as.

The trick now for our current problema - our current politics - might be to move to an open and full discussion of a rightness or wrongness about OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as of “economic” not “political” import.  We have as well the jurisprudence about finally having offered a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and a trial of and by his peers - yet that can be put aside now for a while if to an “economic” give and take more civil now than a “political” bounding might.

As per RACE TO THE TOP messaging of this administration of Barack Hussein Obama - it may be too early and still developmental to separate how such is and has been about the worst political and economic education platform imaginable for these economic and political times.  It may be better to avoid just how bad it is now, and especially now that we are as well of diatribes from on high that one’s success isn’t to be seen as their success.  It may be relevant to our economic problema now and not just theoretically but it may be far too large as a political issue to battle just now.  The two are contrary - quite.

There is more than the workings of the FREEDOM AGENDA to dig up and sift through theoretically to see how mountains were moved in just the past couple decades strategically towards better future with more level playing fields less of “Davids” and “Goliaths” (a Goliath).  We as Americans had our lots suddenly reworked by our times without much premeditation or chance to plan - we as Americans became citizens of a sole super-power more by defense and our times than by a grand plan.

I don’t know if I am being too political or not sufficiently objective economically speaking now with:  President Obama didn’t need to say or be to affectations for a NEW FOUNDATION for global economics. 

I do remember that great efforts had been afoot long and much by “Davids” more of our Republican traditions and affiliations and that maybe they were hard to see or posit - and maybe so for Obama Democrats were off to set themselves off as “friendly giants” yet still as “Goliaths” not “Davids.”

2012 is much about a politics of two very different choices for governance methods and methodologies - 2012 though now is at least as much about choices economic that may be best made however and whenever with a consideration to avoid a tagging or stirring as of a U.S. as a “Goliath” organized to stir others to be “Goliaths” themselves, however, and while they all mostly and much for strictly individual and economic reasons are rather to more peaceful “Davids”.

If there isn’t a sense of justice and a chance for property rights protections and then as well an environment for peace treaties and alliances for security then there hardly be an economic level playing field.  Without the very late prosecution of Saddam Hussein such as it was OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM there wouldn’t have been a chance for our old foundations of justice and economics and especially not for President B. H. Obama’s “NEW FOUNDATION” affectations.

Saddam Hussein was, economically and politically speaking a “Goliath” more than a “David.” 

The USA, with coalition states so involved, towards the long overdue prosecution of Saddam Hussein, at least for his global effrontery to standards of jurisprudence in international commerce among civilized nations, such as his invasion of Kuwait was, is now still more to an economic mash up as a “David” than a “Goliath” as per Saddam Hussein and his effrontery to civilized progress at least for his pillaging of Kuwait in such time specific.

President Barack Hussein Obama while now so contrary betwixt his education message of RACE TO THE TOP and now his most revealing positing that your success isn’t now nor will it ever be actually “your success” is more dangerous for such also contrary to so much leveling progress that economically speaking towards better international free markets that is now still dependent on our specific standing with the Iraqi people - Saddam’s peers - for the still quite late prosecution of Saddam Hussein.

It does seem that though some of our states now internationally can rate as “Goliaths” we have a greater concern about our national politics much effecting our economics now as of their America a “GOLIATH” still though they hope, and hope, their over-reaching at home and abroad can be sold as them though a bully as yes a “friendly giant” - not a “David.”

This could all be moot if we hadn’t finally been to that extremely late judicial prosecution of Saddam Hussein that was and remains some OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.  We may fight and fight as “Davids” more than a “Goliath” when like with such we are fighting for a more level economics for all where and when an establishment of property rights or a reestablishment is calling.

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