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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:52 pm

It seems to be a unique story of an American up from our western islands.  He speaks now and as so recently of a story not specifically like his Madam Secretary’s of a political nepotism causal to her ascendency to “Senator” Clinton — our President has spoken in a clear and concise manor not indicative of a black man of “negro dialect.”

President Barack Hussein Obama has a story similar to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, as of a career that others seem to have built.  In the case of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton we have that her acquisition of a New York Senate seat can be simply tagged as of a political nepotism kind of affirmative action - or whatever.

President Obama’s recent “someone else built it” illumination of his real life story without regular fictional accoutrements may not be as politically bad as Senator Harry Reid’s past remarks that shed like on his willingness to help the career construction for Senator Barack Obama - those remarks of such being affirmable as action would be for a “light skinned” politician with “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

No to men are exactly alike - no two politicians regardless of sex or skin color or lifestyle are either. 

As all were born equal and subject later to conscious considerations of an “ashes to ashes” exposure - we have the Barry Obama roots of President Obama now to consider much.

You may be late to this story of President Obama’s less about a struggle for freedom than his Secretary of State but not too late to now look at both as “made” “politician” much of constructions for them to a “career” or “business” with it now to a parsing of particulars between “political nepotism” and “affirmative action.”

For the sake of our Olympians and their work at being successful we can for now safely “box” these two “leaders” as bureaucrats more than as cheerleaders.  President Barack Hussein Obama has had it tougher than some politicians in Chicago for troubles related to affirmative action, yes, but complicated for that “half black” or “light skinned” bias as of a “not black enough.”

We know his Secretary of State is a carpetbagger of record.  We can consider that her Senate “Job” was mostly arranged for her with expectations that her husband’s relocation to NYC would continue to greatly favor its economy however actually built.  It is hard to actually see “Hillary” of a success story of her own - it just seems still when there have been successful moments, as few as there may be, others have been actually otherwise mostly responsible.

So what are the “roots” of President Obama the aforementioned “light skinned” with “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” — what is his story of success - can he at all be more responsible for his own success than his Secretary of State for her few?

Not all that were born equal have such a story of others shovel ready for them actually with shovels ready and worked - even figuratively.  It seems by President Obama’s recent remarks that somehow he had trouble with “shovel ready” jobs because he was ignorant of where shovels actually came from. 

Maybe he needs some time in his wife’s gardens.

How do we separate the boy from the man - the President Barack from the “surfer dude” Barry?  What are his roots, actually, whom are we best now to compare him to but maybe his own Secretary?

Senator Reid wasn’t alone with his thoughts back whence then while of speaking so affirmingly and actively for his peer that was “light skinned” and of “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”  There is a story of “political” “shovels” for a young carpetbagger of sorts to Chicago and as well of a political concern similar to recent remarks much as well about his being only half black.

As we have heard there are at least intonations to differentiate similar remarks spoken with business experience by Mitt Romney that mark a true story less fictionalized or dramatized than his darker skinned opponent now in the 2012 Presidential race.

It seems that President Obama has well set himself apart as the “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” candidate and historically as our first “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT” but as it has earlier applied for those more uniters than dividers.

We have that it is of record that President Obama is “not our first black President” and as well others have been contrary to the intent of such, spoken by more than a few, when of the left handedness of President Clinton and his wants regular at times to grab whatever attention he could by claiming for himself a spotlight as “the first black President.”

Was President Obama’s first problem with businesses and job creators the early problem with “shovel ready” jobs as it seems now cleared out some with his “others built that business” as it suggests he doesn’t still know where shovels come from?

So we have just two to talk about now more than any other - one for a “political nepotism” and the other for a sometimes too fictional story and the actual affirmative action that silently supported and still may support it.

This really though is only about Barack Hussein Obama the career politician and no one else’s actual roots.  We have that he himself with his early autobiography and his keeping of an oral tradition about his tales has been clearly to explaining that he didn’t make or win his first elective office in Chicago.  We have that his “political” “business zone” and all its roads and bridges (if it had any) were made for him in a Chicago back office.

There are many to celebrate and cherish for life stories complete from ashes to ashes and as works in progress, yet for this politician Barack Hussein Obama it seems his success isn’t actually by his own admittance as success of his own works or skill.

When it comes to separating the boys from the men or girls from the women one’s actual roots are to be litigated if a politician in a public realm.  Yes Olympians - you are responsible for what you have built yourselves to.  I am not sure that by the President’s recent remarks he thinks we should say the same about him.

He may say words similar to thoughts spoken some by Mitt Romney and as a “light skinned” with “no negro dialect, …” and as a carpetbagger politician of some sorts to Chicago yet it seems they just don’t have the same heft or intonation as when spoken by someone who has been in business and has business experience.

I don’t know why President Barack Hussein Obama who got his first political (elective) job in Chicago from a back room redrawing of representative mapping so that a sufficient number of people who would have less objection to a light skinned Harvard Law grad carpetbagger candidate could be kind of “relocated” to be of a majority affirmative for him would now be to raising the issue of himself as our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT.

His story is his own - and now in question more than most.  President Obama has called himself out as one whose story is a construction by others mostly.  When it comes to having roots of a business actually of the labors of others it seems his story of having a back room redrawing of political lines in Chicago for him to be sufficient to guarantee his election is now maybe his first “shovel ready” work.

I know, I have recalled that I have known him from afar as ambitious about oratory since the seventies.  I have recognized that his ideas of “compromise” are familiar as Democrat Party lines I have long found impracticable and theoretically unworkable.  I do recall as well that his 2004 Convention break out speech annoyed me viscerally quite as of a taking from me of my own works and to different ends than intended and to being as well of an inappropriate usage by other Democrats of original works and cerebral conceptions that were meant to work for more and more equally.

Mr. President - you seem to have made this much about you specifically and called into question your own actual story - might you now while such is fresh in the public conscience explain how you came to 2004 Convention Speech to sound contrary so to your written style and yet too close for comfort and acceptance by me to my own style and original synthesis for modern times specifically and while such works were not “works yet in the public domain”? 

If this if of you having turned bad or rotten from the top down or roots up it seems as well it is of roots of my own story of works for positive change and times that I found attempt to maybe just “imitate” far from flattering yet not far from concerning and as unauthorized. 

I do have a problem with the Clintons and how even with “affirmative action” excuse for “political nepotism” they are still of misuse of much of what is of and in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that as well is still remarkable for being more of the style and rhyme and reasoning of your break out 2004 Convention speech than your own published written works, however fictional or composited.

I did here quote others for commentary on you being maybe not black enough and especially Senator Harry Reid unforgettable affirmation, however, for you.  As per that first impression of you from 2004 live speaking I still cannot shake the “how dare they? - how dare you?  that came to mind and with an echo that made me want to scream in protest especially for it of “try to put a black face on his work.”

You are more a master now than then, Mr. President — Please though can you tell me whom may have been more your master then to such I viscerally felt as an unauthorized attempt to put a black face on my own works and those that were meant to maximize positive change and with a new workable bi-partisan political correcting for general language and discussion?  It still annoys me to this day that whom ever such then more a master than you and especially about my own works was and is of the party of those that worked to make my works work for fewer and in a more partisan way and as well some for fewer about such as well too selfishly for personal political gains.

Mr. President - this judgement day is for you - you seem to have brought it very publicly upon yourself and your own story, however fictional.  I do see that if we are to talk about your story as our AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT it will be hard to reason away an equally judgemental studying as well of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and as least as well as of affirmative action work of others like her Senate job as of a business of “political nepotism.”

Mr. President - this judgement day you stirred for a very public political review seems though rooted in Hawaii rearing to be much about how in Chicago you didn’t build a district and win it by an open and fair election but that you have a hopefully mostly unique American story of having a district worked and constructed from a Chicago back room.

Mr. President - do you have any comment?  Mr. President what do you have to say for our Olympians?  And, for all that have long been or have ever been American?

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