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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:02 pm

Who is the pooch now?   It may be most inappropriate to label these new days of New Deal Austerity as a “depression.”

Though President Clinton and President Obama are putting on happy faces as if of an amicable and agreeable politics we have that calling these days since the first moves to a new New Deal Austerity even nearly a “NEW DEPRESSION” is like using a wrong verb.

For the sake of clarity to this historical economic discussion let us postpone an attempt to understand the very contrariness and innate hypocrisy of this new relationship - of this pre-convention paradigm or conundrum of those contesting “head of Democrat Party” steppin’.

To preface a much overdue breakdown of the dramatic related to how we have been of a GREAT SUPPRESSION to these economic downturns and less so if at all a new GREAT DEPRESSION.

When the willful polarizing of political and partisan issues specifically commenced is generally answerable as though it all started about the moment Hillary for President kicked off for 2008.  We have whence a clear expression related to means, motive, and expected opportunities.  Yes, Dems of Clintons’ set and ilk were proven wrong about “inevitability” of Hillary.

We should for clarity also look past that before presumptive nominee Obama embraced the defeated Clintons he was of “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” and then suddenly he was simply more just “UNITE FOR CHANGE.”

Enter CITIZENS UNITED.  Oh so contrary?  This is a dog that barks with bite? 

With this a story of a most junior Senator with no real experience and so set against another most junior new Senator again we may need to postpone a consideration of some of the drama.  

Our Senate is supposed to be our greatest national bulwark of breastworks secured by a most traditional seniority system.  I get that 9/11 gave Senator Clinton an extreme makeover to a risen untouchable international sympathetic figure and that such worked for her as per our Senate like a grand trump card, but, I don’t recall for now how Senator Obama beat his most junior status.

With President Obama recently of claiming that his plans are working - we are wise to wonder exactly which plans and if they were actually his plans more than the Clintons’ plans - reallocated or redistributed some for a limited use by that whom beat them, such as it was.

With CITIZENS UNITED in the yard and with so much still to preface so late about an actual history of this economic downturn it is wise to introduce a “grandfathering” respective of the decisions of CITIZEN UNITED as an allowance for the reported colleges united and their hopeful speculating about 2008 elections some have questioned as “shorting.”

If you look at the shorting that happened as having been a few hopeful economic blows thought not quite as severe when commenced that then proved to be hits that were too hard to recover from you can glimpse that a suppression more than a depression.  If corporations are now permitted to spend then it seems how COLLEGES UNITED or acting competitively in a common but separated interests are not to having grandly acted illegally and as per campaign finance laws, at least.

To keep this as simple as possible it seems the President we think is the actual current head of the Democrat Party has some “truth” in his recent comments that his plans are working.  Bill Clinton, a former President, may actually be now more just a show pooch and schedule so.  It seems however whomever - this is what we would have also been to economically speaking if the Clintons had managed to be as inevitable and legally acceptable again as they thought.

At first the gas prices spiked and in ways the Republicans couldn’t have wanted though supposedly evil for wanting oil company profits maybe as much as Hillary of Hillary for President did.  Then the gas prices, that Republicans had no use for since a win in 2008 was more important for their agenda, and their political compassion, didn’t go back down.  Then the gas prices settled in to rise and rise.


We are in an economic mess in part set up by the rise in gas prices that Dems thought could be the perfect economic crisis for a 2008 electoral sweep.  We are also quite of such as an economic time where the Democrats have barked and barked and barked again about all the important socialistic things we need to do because of this unexpected crisis.

For the 2008 Democrat Party victories the national Democrats needed a down economy to secure a win.  As a hypothesis or theory we then are reasonably to a questioning of:  Then how might they suppress the economy in time for a win - for many wins?

CITIZENS UNITED is still in the yard — it may or may not be of a grandfathering protection for the possibly separate but seeming united shorting of at least some of Dems’ strongholds and their endowments.  We seem to have by their actions a COLLEGES UNITED to a suppression for the fullest expression of their political wishes and maybe no way not now considered legal “corporated” expression because of CITIZENS UNITED.

So if they did it all on purpose for a timely suppression of our economy it is not intelligent to call it a DEPRESSION, right?

So what went wrong?  Or with President Obama of “my plans are working” expressions and a new embrace of President Clinton what exactly is now going right?  My “THE O ZONE” that now follows this piece does help preface this piece - especially as it is with addendum with posting at http://jphogan.org .  President Clinton and President Obama are in the yard together again and yet so contrary to have such for their own past barks quite a hypocrisy.

It seems what now gets away safely and freely but for how now we are of a contest more as if “subjects” than “citizens” than ever since our Declaration of Independence is what had been still until recently shackled as a “all Bush’s fault.”

For simplicity we might just assume for the next near 100 days that this economy would have been addressed just the same way with much the same ideology if by the Clintons, and with more flexibility in this a new term for them and not a first term so.

We now know what the Democrats wanted to accomplish and have them enough times speaking to how CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS alarmism may have been necessary as a strategy for such as their agenda.

Now we may only be to needing to talk about them and these times not as a GREAT DEPRESSION but more accurately and simply as THE FIRST GREAT SUPPRESSION.

It does seem that the spike in gas prices was the first convenient crisis and then then as November approached that it might not prove to be enough to secure positive election results for the Democrats nearly enough.  I don’t know the full story of the reported “shorting” of endowment funds but do see it much as a type of corporate contributions likely now legal by CITIZENS UNITED. 

Was this meant to be a manageable “suppression” not nearly thought then to be enough to bring on a GREAT SUPPRESSION nearly like a new DEPRESSION?  Was theirs an innocence and idealism of a HOPE for either the Clintons or Obama thinking that it would be as easy to reverse a slide as it was to start one or two for a convenient political crisis?

However now we are here.  President Clinton may be scheduled just to be a show pooch - but then these times look as made for him as they seem to have been made for President Obama.  And, yes it seems, also in hindsight that there were moments after the Democrats with the White House and both branches of Congress did think they would easily be able to stop the slide after those convenient crisi, and that then a sense was about that maybe when 2008 became possibly not the easy win they expected they may have hit the economy too hard with some of their partisan idealistic shortings.

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