June 2024
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:41 am

AA+?  And now a:  HOW LOW CAN WE GO?

I could start here with a rant or diatribe about how the Clintons aren’t living in a world that actually politically exists.

I could enhance such clear and concise reasoning with a suggestion that the only good political decision presumptive nominee Obama made was to select his senior “experienced” peer Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate for Vice President.

And for this Joe I could offer that he likely never stood a real chance to shine.

It seems a safe conclusion that none of this is Vice President Joseph Biden’s fault - unless he should have called Congress to competency hearings to try his boss out of higher office.

The world the Clintons are living in that doesn’t really exist is the same one we and the Vice President are also trapped within especially speaking economically.

As long as the “media” embraces the Clintons or our economy with any of the old “Clintons’ seduction of the media” then no real improvements can occur for our economy nor our politics.

It may be too late to free Vice President Joseph Biden.  Vice President Joseph Biden in the lights of the 2012 election cycle can now be shown too much of a lack of ambition since he didn’t ask Congress to impeach his boss.

Yes, these seem the days to consider that things are so bad that we should have already considered that this election could have and should have been for a re-election of President Joseph Biden or President John “Woody” Boehner.

As this blogger of independent political punditry was sharing with http://facebook.com/jpeterhogan updates this morning we are still trapped in an unreal condition - an unreal economic and political world - because of the Clintons and that their corrupting seduction of “THE CLINTON MEDIA” lives on still extra-Constitutionally to Un-Constitutionally.  Much of my morning postings via social media may also be available at least partially via http://twitter.com/jphoganorg but not at http://jphogan.org.

If you don’t know how the Clintons seduced the “media” originally you are hardly prepared to adequately consider what is holding back our economy and our politics.  If you do know how they corrupted a THE CLINTONS MEDIA you likely aren’t now as willing write to support either President Obama or Vice President Biden.

If you do actually now consciously understand the Clintons’ corruption of much of our “media” through their worked “seduction” you may not be subconsciously trapped in a world that isn’t supposed to even exist.  A promise of a future for “media” where stories would just write themselves if such were particularly to floating an extra-Constitutional bypass with “we just need a Clinton” obviously was tempting - too tempting - as tempting nearly as if promised one would never again have to do homework. 

The essence of the THE CLINTON MEDIA corruption tagged a “seduction” was in itself much Un-Constitutional and such that it asked the “media” to stop being a bulwark for representative democracy and to be more to writers of fiction provided extra-Constitutionally by the Clintons nearly as if accepted as autocrats.

{{{  I am taking a break now from new column - posts linked via social media can fill out thought for now - I may need encouragement to return to this in a few hours to work more much due to contrast or breach the bulwark reworked by Clintons against prudent representative democratic politics and/or economics. }}}

[[[ that’s all folks — disregard last {{{ … }}} I will leave it as it lies regardless of their penalty points due ]]]

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