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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:58 am

When you hear tales of my having moved to Washington DC and into a one bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill and then so to stocking when stocking such for beer almost always with Milwaukee’s Best you are to be transported back in time.

There was a “Monica Beach” in DC when I moved there.  I moved there after deciding while half way across America in my new but used 1988 Dodge Ram B250 white cargo style van.  I moved to DC after time in New Orleans while I had a rebuilt Dodge 318 engine block switch in.  I decided to stop my trip to move to Los Angeles as the next and third step of hope in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and move instead to DC to be closer to all fifty states.  The year was 1997 that I decided and then it was 1998 when I found such apartment and moved.

We cannot now move forward without reconsidering those earlier years of changes about municipalities towards a renewal from “COMMUNITY POLICING” and brand new attempts to fight blighted areas even with “LIVEABLE CITIES INITIATIVES.”

To understand how some of this is more a tale of success for Republicans though many local Democrats were leaders in local municipal efforts to get away from the bunker mentality of centralized policing you may just look most at Democrats today.  We have in New York State that its new Governor is the Andrew Cuomo that was a part of “Clinton Initiatives” related yet now he is a Governor having to find ways different from what were the Clinton way while he was with the Clintons.  But really it might be simpler and not too Ayn Randian just to offer:  Democrats if they understood the importance of decentralizing policing then they should in these past few years at least have known as well not to over-centralize our national governments however.

The benefit of Milwaukee’s Best beside the red, white, and blue cans was some that it was cheap but much more that I was there in DC to work a third processing and widening for positive change following on start as written to focus on New Haven and then second processing to focus practically the air of such more widely then about the changes others and specifically some Republicans were working about New York City.  It was a toss up between Los Angeles and DC then as to which municipal area I should integrate a new in a third processing specifically related to similar blue collar networking of local governance - because of Clintons’ scandals it seemed DC might be a more needy place, politically speaking.

Most of this that I speak to of three different efforts at processing my thinking, writing and strategizing about all the positive change I hoped to assist with my focus kept about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM has stopped due to a maturity of initial change evolutions.  That said much also had to stop when Hillary announced “Hillary for President” as with them it was going to get corrupted any ways and to very different ends.

Paul Ryan, Representative from Wisconsin turned Vice Presidential nominee,  is about five years younger than I am young and did move to DC after the elections the fall after I moved to Capitol Hill about the time of the “Monica Beach” media stake-outs about the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal.   I moved to DC an owner and operator of a privately licensed white Dodge cargo van with four wheels that I think said “WILD TRAC” on their sidewalls.   Milwaukee’s Best seemed Randian and in character for my outward appearance even though I thought of my van as a “think tank” and kept a small skiff inside most days.

Here is where in my story I move past that I moved to DC instead of Los Angeles and to DC being the next place I would spirit a marketing madly or however, due to the scandals about the Clintons who had been having an easy ride so far while others had actually been the leaders and intellects for their easy ride.   It seems the Clintons both still actually lack the same leadership instincts of those that new what to do then and how important it all was to far greater levels of detail than most yet have considered.

I did in DC and some with consideration of an old friend Jim Wareck who moved to town months later that as well is likely now of the first ever Presidential ticket with someone younger than he is young.   Jim Wareck moved to DC from New Haven and not to go back to work for Senator Dodd but to be far more “local” and “grassroots” with a former New Haven Alderman who had represented his Yale ward as a student while Jim’s father had been the President of the New Haven Board of Alderman.  Jim moved to DC some unknown months after I did and took to the “Williams for Mayor” efforts and much with enough responsibility that after the victory he was regularly one of just four pictured behind the new mayor of DC.

I do not regret having decided to move to the District of Columbia to think for it with my marketing sense and core philosophy worked with THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that proved well enough thought through to have been enough reworkable though with lower standards to help the Clintons seem electable for 1992.  It did annoy me that while thinking President Bush 41 deserved to have someone to run against not a third tier scrapper that I kept thinking I needed to rework my thinking about the philosophy modernized with THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM to have it have a decisive fit for the Clintons. 

Again, I had worked to help the Clinton have the courage to enter the 1992 race and then to many many months to make them seem electable, and, that with that said again I should say I didn’t think I was giving them enough to actually be electable and so to a fine line where it was important even with the Ross Perot entrance that they look better than I thought they were.

For me now I am at a crossroads.   For me I have this team of Republicans enough of similar thinking that I may feel free to pursue old entertainment and media minded economy and positive change stimulating - to pursue the private sector profits I likely would have already had much of if the Clintons had been more honest with us all.

For the politics of our day and all our challenges municipal or federal revenue based this team of today’s announcements have me thinking I could if I wanted to help publicly again but actually so that the public is aware be better to find Governors to work with and so for it seems logically they are those best organized and situated to spearhead a new growth economy.

We have again that these are days we should look back at “COMMUNITY POLICING” and even “LIVEABLE CITIES” initiatives of the early 90s and also look now and consider that if Democrats actually understood the essential good sense and political wisdoms of such they never could have been to such grand national new centralizing attempts.

I am at a crossroads not to try to pick up a tangled mess and un-knot it so that it can work again to municipal and economic improvements but to consider where and how I might privately and in “media” somehow be to building anew with all new people/artists and for maybe a longer term benefit than was possible once the Clintons rose again and to obviously try to centralize after decentralizing had been quite an important “marketing” factor at the core of the successes that were had.

Yes I did rethink and relocate my thinking then leading thought first based around New Haven to then be formulated in a media way to work to support efforts of so many others about New York City and then I did decide to personally focus more on a reworking of the spirit of such again from a local blue collar hands on ready to pick up my Milwaukee Sawzall by day and a cold Milwaukee’s Best by night but how with all the thinking for change and hope I was at since days President Obama was still in law school.

Yes, that I reworked thinking so that all the artists and benefiting others for DC and so to daily thinking of Chief Ramsey at least every morning I slid a Leatherman Multi-tool onto my belt was also balanced still with my knowing of William Bratton since about 1988 from a Boston wiring of two of ambitions that hope and change were quite possible. 

Whatever it was I did it is now in the hands of others actually with constituents.  It may be now most for the shoulders of our Governors and municipal leaders and more possibly so if this now announced new possible team are elected.

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