January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:08 am

No this is not a reenactment.  It is here - it has started - no “battles” may lead to bloodshed - it has started and hopefully will be a civil civil war.  It has started - stop back later for more reports.

We have that these are passing civil moments as much like our founding and confusingly with the Lincoln Republicans now much like the Jefferson Republicans you would have thought Democrats would be trying to be and yet with Democrats seeming not the worst of our original Federalists but the worst of what was feared of Federalists then.   It is too early to predict when Americans of color and legacy of our Buffalo Soldiers are likely to again side with the Party of Lincoln.

There is a catch about this not quite Yossarians of other wars.  From where I sit I seem to share a victim hood with President Bush as much related to how truths have been held hostage for years.  From where I sit I can be sympathetic with President Bush’s victim hood but only so far as where it becomes heavy with his not being understood because I have not been understood.

From the MONICA - MONICA - MONICA composition still too near a telling has been partial of efforts to philosophical modernization in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM having been worked three times for three different municipalities.  That said this piece is picking up with a victim hood suffered as truths have been held hostage and to address how since MONICA - MONICA - MONICA an honesty has been stirred in me to figure out if 2006 blogging as “uc” mostly on http://newsbusters.org to argue for the Iraq SURGE and then still strongly in defense of it was either a fourth or fifth customized reworking of such philosophical modernization. 

I could be quite the MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR somehow quite if this and so much of an actually fundamental truth some of our past two decades and much related to years of economic growth were publicly known.  Especially now in the Obama era of oddly worked NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.  And, President Bush could as well escape the catch as well that some is related to similar truths long having been held hostage.

That I have written enough columns in the past five years to qualify maybe as an “asset” this has all been worked as part of my principled striking as truths have been held hostage at the expense of many so that the Clintons could spread the lies they are only some known for and what to them has been no long convenient lies.  I have enough written since 2006 to fill dozens of normal sized political works published as books, quite it seems.  And maybe enough written to be organized with different Governors each with a “selection of a top 50 or 100 articles” so that I could have a book or e-book for each state and its then modern individuality and working spirit.

I might say this is all more like MILA 18 novel but at this moment I forget what I found in that book when I read it - And, did you know CATCH 22 started so I read somewhere as CATCH 18 but so close to the publishing of MILA 18 that publishers or literary agents insisted on a new title?

I am not knowingly labeling myself an eligible “bachelor” so to be paraded about to max out a catch of a different type.  I am speaking of being of a victim hood and partly trapped wondering how I may feel and be if finally set free after all these years of so many truths being held hostage and at the expense of so many.

How do we not now proceed as independent bloggers to cover 2012 but as a “CIVIL WAR” - REALLY,  HOW?

I can report that whether an actual fifth rethinking of a philosophy of governance and or economical modernization the year of 2006 remembered much for a mirror on TIME cover remains a year in which I did again work a customization of such original broad considerations of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and then yet newly as then of the first time I worked it after waiting to see if any others had been of such thinking and were now then employed and proficient enough.

The best way to move forward now may be to help President Bush with his victim hood by helping him help me past mine.  These are times that likely will remain civil in a civil war to be quite heated and contested.  These though are days anew of many of these and others truths still too long held hostage.  

I cannot end my strike by asking a media house for a job - no I don’t see how I could possibly do that.  I do have that material of amassed compositions in blogged independent punditry can amount to an “asset” if I ever have them appraised at least as “art.”  I cannot at least consider asking any of the established media houses (of corporate people maybe unionized as socialists) as long as there still remains such a hostage keeping of truths to much for convenient lies of and by the Clintons, at least.

I could as well be quite civil about all this even more so myself with a quick book even with recipes for like a new WALDEN on MILFORD - for who knows how popular to Obama NEW DEAL AUSTERITY babes I might be if it were found out how green and efficient I have been and since before President Obama was ever just candidate Senator Obama with a chance to defeat the “INEVITABLE” CLINTON fountainhead of Hillary of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

In the coming days of our more civil CIVIL WAR such as it is pre-staged it seems  we will have to contest the Clintons and for their convenient lies now much at what has been so expensive for so many.  We are to days soon so contested that the new Democrat Convention Platform maybe be preserved as a “good work” but for 2016 and a:  MAYOR CORY BOOKER FOR PRESIDENT - Help Rebuild Our Failed Party - PLEASE - HONESTLY.

As we move to clearly defined battles ahead of the Americans versus The American Socialists and those other less teased contrasts economic and governance related we will be towards the seeds of the problems much of a planting by the Clintons affectingly within their first days and when then to presumptions of rights to use the work of others as if their own, as if them both of a right to use it because they then were THE GOVERNMENT and lawyers who thought they could get away with having their “success” actually be otherwise and different as building of others with different morals and designs.

And the war is off!!!  How can President Obama now explain his long held false belief that a money tree existed, and so how his Clintons’ economic expert team chosen by him - not inherited - actually never had a reasoned rational economic strategy that could actually work?

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