January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:03 am

Who manages your “tunnel” of “LOVE”?   Are you agast when instead of local you are statist or global?  Are you out of sorts in the am as stirs your dams?   Are you in a small and intimate game of monopoly, or, are you just short of balls and chains of State?

As your am stirs dames and dams yours or not, however, each dawn about you and your “community” how much liberalism lives now uncorrupted?  With a “One Nation Under God” and yet with that nation a “State” left to its states more of “God” is the booty of today just a game?  Might Neil Simon be needed to dramatize the Democrat Party coming Machiavellian Convention as a farce or are the Democrats all doing well enough all by themselves?

What happens in New Amsterdam stays in New Amsterdam? - What happens in Amsterdam might stay in Amsterdam?

It seems the stages are being set nationally and on schedule.  The BOOTY times may not cooperate.

If anyone this August actually knows what it means to be a “liberal” or “Democrat” in America now please show yourselves - you are definitely a small majority and maybe due extinction protection.   How do we pine for the times of old when “liberalism” first may have served to broaden tolerance and broaden purview for an richer civility more of our shared “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” base tagging about our governances and pass times?   How are we now to 2012 with so much federal so corrupted at the top by Democrat “Machiavellian” greed such that now “liberals” seem the first to violate - to violate due process?

As bad as the lack of prudent consideration that seemed about the march out of RACE TO THE TOP, if only in economic considerations of God’s Adam or Adam of Adam Smith, it is still that President Obama emphasized a “TOP” and a “RACE” while stompin’ as an ‘Austerity President’ of irrepressible New Deal wants that may be his “DUMBEST.”

It is not a convention set to celebrate prudent governance by Democrats by Democrats.  It is now a convention set up to show the TOP Democrats of RACE as “Machiavellian.”   There are two parties about the ‘ART OF AMERICAN’ still in 2012 to lighter local governance even ever am as per stirrings about dams or dames and such even as of a New Amsterdam now more like Amsterdam.

I do think Neil Simon isn’t needed for dramatizations in FARCE this convention season.  It seems the Democrats as obviously out as Machiavellians have their race all locked up.

Are you agast when instead of local you are statist or global?

Fresh President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t want people to go to Las Vegas in days early before now where he seems so set up to seem no more than a “Fresh Prince” to more “GLOBAL” and “Superior” Clintons at his own convention.  It may be that he wanted his “HOUSE” - his White House - to be the “house” that always did or could win - ya think?  There was no room for actual “competition” in “betting on America” for “Fresh Prince” (just “Prince” (to Clintons)) - for President Obama?

With the “TILT” or out-ness of the top “liberal” Democrats now set up and being staged itself so outed we might be better already to looking past the coming “Machiavellian Convention” to the days of hope ahead where a defeated mass of Democrats might be back to basics and a willingness to play within the rules or to change them in the legal ways and procedures preserved and protected by such rules.

What can again be likened to a “MAD DONKEY DISEASE” seems to have only have been affecting Democrats or left of center Independents these past few years.  Remember our Secretary of State isn’t supposed to be involved in politics, too.  And, that some things are actually indivisible and limitable.  If you wake in New Amsterdam who are you going to call?  If you wake in New Amsterdam or Amsterdam as an American aren’t you supposed to be like “in Rome” and doing as the local laws dictate for those in the “localities”?

Have you had enough of the Clintons thinking all they needed to do to keep the masses in line enough to stay those of the real power at its highest available levels, however, was to be hedgers less sterling than Mitt Romney?  And/or “lawyers” of it is the client(s) that go to jail not the lawyers or the spouse lawyer of the other spouse or vice versa?  Have you had enough of the Clintons being exempt from the actual past of the Clintons?

And with all this talk of taxes and redistribution beyond the “FARCE” - “OUT-NESS” - “CORRUPTION, MACHIAVELLIAN” - “TILT” of the above we have that we are of two different theories of “game” not “civility”.

As per some of the “booty” that Democrats want the State to be able to take willy nilly and share however some of it is more “GAME” than “WEALTH” and more like being able to beat “The HOUSE” in Las Vegas, too.

As you consider the coming conventions and whom of either is better now and in the future for your “booty” (your “booties”) it seems that Democrats have abandoned their charge as keepers “liberal” to ways still wise of a “force” towards realms preserved in republican arts to civily permit more not less “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”!   And, that the Clintons  are champions of hedging but not nearly as “sterling” so as Mitt Romney has been said publicly to have been.

It seems farcical especially that with a RACE TO THE TOP regardless of how inappropriate it has been for down economic times when an recovery would been better have based upon local community reflectiveness of a slower and more thorough with more attention to deeper learning and understanding.

As the Democrats now march carelessly away further from their heroic at times past we all are bearing witness to the “redistribution” efforts at least about so much tax talk as quite Machiavellian and hedged in an elitism itself, and, so towards their convening,  their “booty” isn’t necessarily properly your “booty” however, right?  First you must wake each new am actually in your locality of the moment whether a New Amsterdam or a new Amsterdam or the old Amsterdam.

The “GAME” now too “TILTED” isn’t so much of “wealth” for redistribution but of fouls too near a governance by peeps elite and too little still of laws - of a governance of laws.  The “redistribution” is actually it seems farcical for being an attempt to change the rules of the game so that those that enter whichever race (races) are not allowed to keep the “winnings” that motivated them in their own racing to a top.

And in Chess - a loss if still a “check mate” - everywhere?

Obamanomics = an economic theory where people are “subjects” not “citizens” and are encouraged to “race” as if a promise of “to the TOP” had “winnings” and benefits - BUT!!!  Obamanomics is an economic theory where those at the TOP hedge and hem and haw and promise “winnings” that you are supposed to be motivated by which then are supposed to be removed from you by BIG GOVERNMENT nearly as soon as you may win - place or show — if not actually back in chains.

Really?   The want to take your/our “booty” away from us and yet have us think we are supposed to wake each am respectful of local ordinances?  And, not be so to people watching now under Obamacare where as we walk and look about have to wonder whom is covered by Obamacare and to then a reflecting on community even in the pm rightly of a conscious concern heavy about:  How bad must our community be if our National Government had to step in and take care of our neighbors?


And, what is yours?  What is your “booty” from earnings your’s as part of a civil game and not so a measure of others choicing other also available “games” about our ways of life and pursuits of happiness in our pre-Obama economies?  What of your “booty” is supposed to be kept private and off limits - personal - not public?  And which of your “booty” so stresses all levels of governance yet hardly more than the 100% and which so has you civilly liable of fair contributions at least annually?


With all the hedging by Clintons (and Obama) less sterling than by Mitt Romney it does seem this am or pm that Neil Simon might have been able to help keep the Democrats from staging such a FARCE as seems outed and publicly set up as our first truly “MACHIAVELLIAN” Democrat Party Convention.

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