January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:42 am

Well, we had the COSBY SHOW years ago with the “Huxtables”.  Today it may not be too soon to think about OBAMAS’ show and now what his future employment options might be.

I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing any time soon a THE COSTHAHS SHOW starring the Obamas as the “Bucksfrieds”.

With the Obamas out and a chance for a economic boom back could there be a new SANFORD AND SON starring a reflective Obama often wondering:  If only I hadn’t bashed American cars as “clunkers”?

Barack Hussein Obama rose so quickly from near obscurity - a shared obscurity in our Senate as one near as junior and insignificant in its seniority traps as Senator Hillary Clinton.  “Barack” had then some “IT” factor as black and better looking than Senator Clinton, and, a desire to try to run the world on the whims of his “personality” whether he thought he already had enough or nearly sufficient experience - real life experiences but as a follower.

What might the Obamas do as ousted “PERSONALITY BASED LEADERSHIP” failed leaders?  How low are the standards at THE CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE?   Would another ousted by their failures, Hillary Clinton, of his TEAM OF RIVALS that didn’t quite work out, beyond letting President Clinton offer President Obama any job that wouldn’t clearly have him junior to him and much subjected to being as well junior to EVP Hillary Clinton of the CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE?

This may all seem a perfect world for President Clinton now.  And loss for President Obama may be the greatest thing to politically happen to or for President Clinton since President Obama decided he could trust himself with a TEAM OF RIVALS.

There is much “popularity” about the “personality” at least of First Lady Michelle Obama that should be allowed to be free even after a stunning defeat of her husband’s “PERSONALITY BASED LEADERSHIP”.  That said, and so now as we bear witness throughout this long, this very long, re-election attempt:   Our society is enough commercialized that there should be a place outside of office that the Obamas will be able to carry on the good they have been doing that they didn’t ever need the office to see done.  Will the Clintons allow them to be free - will the Clintons find a way to get “chains” of The Democrat Party of Clintons on them?

Really there are many places the Obamas or Michelle could carry on as socially responsible citizens with a healthy message even if too austere for most.  I am not saying they could carry their own cooking show - I have no idea if they could get by on a budget now the size of the new Leno show austerity.

What is POLITICS?  How could a President have so many times as a “POLITICIAN” asked other “POLITICIANS” not to be “POLITICIANS” while asking them to do the job of “POLITICS”?   How could he have thought himself capable of managing a TEAM OF RIVALS?

It seems a future as a pitch man or lobbyist for American car and truck companies has to be out of the question.

President Obama had trouble with shovel ready jobs, yes, most certainly.  Have you figured out at least partly the how and why?  It cannot be as simple as he didn’t know where shovels came from for “shovel ready jobs.”  Maybe it was the bashing of American cars as clunkers?  Maybe he just had no sense of MOOD.  But, really, he couldn’t afford to approve road and bridge jobs without undermining his attempt to sell fancy new cars that cost twice as much with a promise that they would likely cost just as much to operate even though “GREEN”  — If he fixed the roads or bridges he would have been fixing them for American clunkers and so that owners would have found themselves more economical with their “clunkers” due to better roads alone.

President Obama had trouble with shovel ready jobs, yes!   Do we need now to have a SAVE A CLUNKER era to restore American PRIDE and to reboot or reset the after market automotive industries with “chains” off proud Americans as the top down beat down on classic American cars get run out of Dodge?   Sure, he couldn’t fix the roads or bridges even with STIMULUS funds for he would have then undermined his selling of new fancy cars that were to cost much much more and use maybe half as much “fuel” or a third as much but while his energy policies were to making sure that “fuel” would then cost twice or three times as much.  But, did he have to so beat down on clunkers and father and son pass times of car talk and car pride about combustion engines and pipes and horsepower - and when not father and daughter sharing or mom and child(ren) rearing with practical lessons and shared enthusiasms for American power cars and trucks?

Is a job under Hillary Clinton at THE CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE the only real next job for President Obama?

I can’t see them doing a reality show or a sitcom, myself.  A cooking show or gardening show has potential.  Could a show of people living idealistically on a commune in America selling austerity and back to field work gardening and “healthy” cooking be sold as a “reality show”?  I don’t think so - I do realize it might at least have enough do gooder-ness to help sell at least soaps. 

With the Clintons now so POLITICALLY positioned after years of being careful partisan polarizing “RIVAL” pols to the Obamas while intimately both part of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION there cannot really be allowed to be an OBAMAS GLOBAL INITIATIVE to rival them.  Will they offer him a job under Hillary?  Should they as thanks?

Yes that is right - the Obama energy policies and auto industry takeover couldn’t abide fixing roads because of clunkers not quite clunkers for so many.  They couldn’t spend to do road and bridge work without making too many older cars seem good enough for so many for very much longer.

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