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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:47 pm

By now we are actually safer because of the Bush administration - not the Clintons’ 8.

We have that the Clintons still had the option to act more responsibly as per Iran and Iraq and move forward in their first term after Saddam Hussein had at most three years to fully comply with United Nations Sanctions.  We have that the Clinton Administration had eight years to prosecute Saddam Hussein and nip the Iran nuclear program in the bud.

It is a simple political consideration that the Clintons’ by nearly letting Saddam Hussein out from under the bite of sanctions were to increasing a sense of need for Iran for nuclear development.  There is little also in hindsight I can yet figure to explain how we gave Iraq of Saddam more than three years for full compliance.

I am not here being a war monger or hawk, even — really you could say that above broaches a dovishness where action earlier would have seemed more honest and believable.  I don’t know if the Clintons reworked Central Intelligence Agency efforts to lie about peace to get the popularity they wanted from “PEACE DIVIDENDS” — I don’t know how to explain their governance and especially concerns already pressing about Iran without thinking they must have knowingly been lying about peace.

We could have convened a new international court at least for Saddam Hussein - though an earlier effort such as Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom likely would have been better accepted and so for sooner being a stand with of the United States to facilitate a jury of his peers for Saddam Hussein and complicit Ba’athist Party regulars.

How one so comfortable hashing around a political psycho-babble, as was President Bill Clinton, could have let so much time pass as per Iran and Iraq and nuclear power and weapon vicissitudes is a great puzzler.  Iran can be said to have felt an irreversible need to move towards a nuclear program largely because of the inaction and avoidance as per Saddam Hussein by the Clintons’ administration.

We heard that Saddam supposedly was a threat for having an ambition and effort to reconstitute his old nuclear programs.

We heard that Saddam had been at war with Iran - a viciousness his where he as a Ba’athist minority could send his country men of Shia majority off to Iran to kill their Shia brethren or be killed by their Shia brethren.  I don’t know how we weren’t of hearing either Clinton of the Clintons’ 8 wax their psycho-babble about this as like genocide and a duty for a speedy prosecution.

If you were Iran and lived through the Clintons’ 8 with inaction and avoidance and near a full forgiveness of Saddam Hussein, and so with a population over 50% under or near the age of 26, would you be remembering their used to be near a million more of the generation that made up that for these fathers?  We do have President Bush and his associations that considered and governed with a greater sense of reality as per Iraq and Iran.  We have that he stopped related to Iran and nuclear developments from a jack booted callousness to some diplomatic soft shoe politics seemingly with the hope that by dealing with Saddam even so lately the United States of America would be visibly of a renewed moral character such that Iran would see a greatly diminished motivation to so work to nuclear weaponry.

Yes, I was of old medium of faxing when President Bush so stressed to find another well moderated new balance and position.

As long as it looked like Saddam Hussein could get out from under sanctions and essentially forgiven by more than U.S. Democrats and some other leaders from other countries it looked even to some in America as if Saddam Hussein would reconstitute his nuclear programs - and with suggestion that the “west” like us needed him to to balance Iran.  So it would have been either that Saddam first moved towards nuclear power or then did only because Iran was and then so he would have global allowances in abundance to do likewise.

Because of President Bush’s moderation we have that by helping Iraqi people bring Saddam Hussein to justice and that trial by his peers he did remove most if not all of the fair or seemingly moral cause and justification Iran could consider towards cause to justify a nuclear weapons program.  Because of the Clintons 8 of inaction and avoidance Iran may have feared that such wasn’t reliable enough to balance the contrary and whimsy possible again if USA back to Clintons and their psycho-babble selective politics.

Because we were so late to prosecuting Saddam Hussein - so late to assisting his people to prosecuting him,  when we did finally move with a standing with as we did with Operation Iraqi Freedom and so that much of such hard work should have removed most of the moral cause or justification Iran otherwise might claim it likely may have not been soon enough.

Personally as per all this:  It seems utterly ridiculous that former First Lady Hillary Clinton is at all now allowed near the issues of Iran and Iraq and especially as our top “diplomat.”   Neither Clinton can offer a confidence that sanction can have bite unless you go as if “good cop - bad cop” scenario with an expectation that she could play the mad woman, madly.

We are safer now because of Operation Iraqi Freedom!  Without it now not only would Iran also be having such nuclear ambitions, but as well without it Saddam Hussein would have had international support to be rebuilding Iraqi nuclear programs as well — this is simple political psycho-babble that must have been of the intellectual capacity of both Clintons during their 8.

As it is Operation Iraqi Freedom was a standing with towards liberation and not an occupation and so has President Bush administration creditable for a moderated Middle East policy where how we acted specifically regarding Iraq should have greatly reduced any sense for Iran to an continued or actual future need to possess nuclear weapons.

I don’t recall the specific numbers but seem to think it was near a million of Iran’s fathers that Saddam Hussein was responsible for eliminating by sending his Shia subjects off to kill or be killed by their Irani Shia brethren.  I do recall that the Clintons did almost let Saddam Hussein slip out from any real prosecution.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 3:00 pm

{Welcome!  I am now developing a new blog location here, still much to be done.}

It is the year 2012 and with the prevalence of Jobian Tablets it is ours to ponder English as the American official language.  We have these true days of new media and incredible portability about an e-world to ponder and divine a “global citizen” walk and talk.  We have that because of our Tablet revolution and so many now so Jobian we are at a crossroad or river where in and across all of the United States of America the hot tip for future employment is to suggest that divinity and languages are now a new frontier.

As you personally look to making your big leadership decision this primary season and then general elections of November for American elections we are likely to be learning of fault lines for religions and of still and economy quite otherwise Jobian as well.  We have that Democrats long have seemed to be fogging lines between religion and state and with efforts to ride Watergate to a secular popularism they could lock up to a selfish political popular secularism truly partisan and with efforts global as well as local to such.

We seem to be in a State at a state where communities and businesses all across our country as well as afficionados of social media and its internationalism are now to us all of a need for more linquists skilled in foreign languages and customs and with a new broad full spectrum erudity as well of cultures and rituals of all the religions of the world.  We have a Catholic versus Mormon headlining now about - and yet with each to postulating Republican politically for all religions and their preserved and protected rights under our governance.  We have while so the furtherance of a secular fog by a Democrat administration.

For to be prepared and confident as borders blend via global social media and internet hook-ups now with so many tablets having so many wondering and marching quite Jobian our national government as per “global citizen” messaging and attempts to a new growth economy and yet alas we tread on many as an English language country yet while our instincts to internationalism using and consuming e-world near in a borderlessness it is remarkable that with all the “socialism” we haven’t already heard dictates to advise that individual Americans hopeful to our future should be now studying foreign languages and the divinties.

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