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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:55 am

There comes a time when one party rocks on for the kid in the candidate to be as about the incidental vicissitudes.

Sadly the other party has been now long to this JOBLESS RECOVERY as devotees and celebrants of Obama’s Rooseveltian New Deal Austerity. 

His housing and zippiness has long been controversial for Rezko took a big hit for him - for he of another Hyde Park than New Deal Roosevelt.  President Obama may have hidden from taxes about Rezko shrubbery, at least Illinois and Chicago taxation.

Per: http://mydd.com/users/hwc/posts/the-obamarezko-home-a-picture-is-worth-1000-words it seems that the Obamas with their four car garage Chicago crusty lifestyling - their upper crust estatism have seen that their side yard has turned over from Rezko to Rezko attorney.

There are some friends that should feel forewarned from going hunting with Obamas - at least house hunting.  For one of their close friends a whole lot of figural buck shot has been absorbed viscerally at least.  This is no Clintons’ “Whitewater” - it may be worse, far worse, at least for the respective times.

To hunt their pork we have that Clintons’ futures early too were of a days turn it seems of a thousand dollars there converted politically in Chicago merchantilisms into near a hundred thousand.  The Obamas with their Chicago future tied with Rezko did effect near as great a return also on a very limited investment.

Let him be clear - he moved his family into another Hyde Park - another than that where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt lived.  He chose to move on up into a energy monster of a Chicago mansion with a four car garage and a side yard nearly sold off and forever detached from propertied history.  By buying just that 1/5th or 1/6th of their property’s old side yard from the Rezko deep pockets the Obamas protected their side yard with the most minimal taxation upon them figurable.  And yet for such small fraction the “holding” so of Obamas by another’s interests did suddenly devalue from full market price to near half value of listed appraisal.

Though when running on his own re-interpretation of Franklin’s New Deal with an OBAMA NEW DEAL AUSTERIY ECONOMICS it wasn’t so clear that one should consider avoiding house hunting with President Obama.  It figures since President Obama got recently punked by President Clinton, as it seemed, to attempting to present himself as “TEDDY” Roosevelt that something must be amiss with President Obama as a new President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

By buying just that near 1/6th of the former side yard of their Chicago establishment address acquisition so settled upon at a below the general and seeming fair value as evidenced by Rezko simultaneous purchase of less at full value we see that today the Obama’s likely couldn’t get elected to higher office in Chicago or Illinois - at least to “Governor.”  So buy selling just that 1/6th the Rezko “property” did devalue by near 1/2 and to it seems a new classification in housing market of such establishment neighborhood to “sub-standard” holding - it seem just enough was sold off by Rezko to protect the real and apparent value of the Obama mansion and its curb appeal.  By buying just that 1/6th the Obamas were able to have their side yard as if their own and yet be able to avoid all or most of the taxation for such aggrandised grandness.

It does seem that though the Obamas have been able to be better friends to Rezko or his lawyer since their closing back whence they have shown themselves willing to leave a friend strung out or hung out.  Per the linked old article it seems that Rezko lawyer is now that holder of greatly devalued sub-standard empty building lot - aka the Obama’s side yard, legally speaking to taxable appraisals.  And, yet the Obama’s have been free and clear enough to have helped Rezko heal from the wounds of their house hunting excursion.  We have a crisis of valuation here of their pockets/wallets and their morals/friendships - we have that Obamas have been less dependent on Rezko as once whence and fully able to have bought up the remainder (majority) of their Chicago yard and assume full responsibility for their fair share of Chicago and Illinois taxation.

When it seemed that President Obama got punked by President Clinton into that like “I am a new TEDDY” - and so the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910 - it fit that it could come from Clintons’ envy and as well be of unbalanced political thinking as whence original to “TEDDY” for such then was seemly off and too much of compromises, political and moral, of a casualness to prudence with such of a greediness to thinking to over-reaching to third terms.

It is fair to say President Obama got “PUNKED” - for what he said, and how he said it about former President Theodore Roosevelt, then recently back from largest safari ever mounted as a mass killing expedition, in the world as we still know it, and, as well from a tour of new fascist courts and castles about Europe, fit so much as a pro-hunting and pro-gun message that he would better to have been then:  President Obama speaking from the National Rifle Association.

But the Obamas have been slamable about the vicissitudes of Chicago property values and Illinois taxation reach for their enbeddedness with Rezko shrubbery.  They long now have been able to buy out either Rezko or his lawyer and step up to paying their fair share.  I don’t know why they keep letting friends suffer so just so they can avoid their fair share of taxation for the curb value they desire and crave for themselves.  I don’t know the math but I do consider that all these years they could have been paying full taxes for the full market value of their side yard and not otherwise to a 1/6th portion that is still as of an essence of “controlling interest.”

President George Washington spoke to our nationalism as he started off our show with his famous and important loaded words “Among the vicissitudes incident to life” as if a centralized National healthcare inappropriate to a being of “American” and also did speak economically contrary to how we have heard President Barack Hussein Obama.  President Obama came in and suggesting their should be no vicissitudes incident in an American economy - that there should be a boring flat line of planned top down national redistribution an not the “ups and downs” of our Washington amongst our natural state of a regular incidental vicissitudeness.

President Abraham Lincoln when earlier of his Cooper Union Speech stood up as if a Black American and fully of the “Black Republicans” of such speech - he stood up and dared any to argue for “slavery” personally and as if they if to such an attempt they would have to argue why they had a right to enslave any other human being - why or how they had a right to enslave him.

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