March 2012
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:55 am

The anti-communist Rush Limbaugh got himself into a rumpus this past week.  And, yet, it seems President Clinton trumped him in chauvinism, at least.

We have our “Super Tuesday” approaching fast and furiously, and with such an import and specific concern for “American” that President Clinton’s recent public spanking far bigger news than yet exposed.

It is elementary yet quite confusing a calculus or algebra that we are now about - we have on its face that if we were to color all our states blue we would, today, end up with a red State. 

I am not sure the recent rash behavior by President Clinton comports and if it proper to say that his projection of authority on XL red lights was just a spanking of President Obama and not also a “spanking” of Hillary Clinton a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

Secretary Clinton has to still be raw from the ripping (ribbing) such a public “spanking” of her authority (to her authority) is sitting as.  It is elementary that Bill Clinton, former President, was specifically showing a clear attempt at a subjugation of Mrs. Clinton’s official capacity and authority.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments so worded for the absurdity of the current Congressional political dramatization (drama) may be less chauvinistic than Former President Clinton’s are - are specifically towards his wife.

It is a complicated calculus or algebra now on its face though seeming an elementary puzzle of if all states now to blue than our one State would turn red.

What is “Super Tuesday” in this Year of our Founding Father’s Lord Two Thousand Twelve but both a concern about the over-reaching by President Obama to a centralization unmistakable from socialism and as well a base political concern for many for President Obama’s otherwise economic mathematics have been near exactly as if staffed if we had been of the misbegotten return of the Clintons to the White House.

The clear chauvinism by President Mr. Clinton with all its little covered personal drama more likely expected to be still now playing out in his “home-courts” where so he publicly subjugated Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s authority and professionalism is likely just what a misbegotten return of the Clintons to the White House would have been regularly of rashes of or for (from).

As we move now quickly with countering attempts to keep all blue states from turning our State red we have our red states engaged properly with attempts to standards at (for) red, white and blue.  It is elementary, politically, that President Obama did near exactly gather those for an economic team as such a misbegotten return for the Clintons would have.

We may have been spare more chauvinism of (and by) President Clinton yet this week it seems clear that he has trumped Rush Limbaughs reactions to the quantity and quality drama on parade with our blue in Congress as if already to too much red.  We have that President Mr. Clinton was clearly chauvinistic with his subjugation of Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s professionalism and authority. 

It is fair to cover this as a recent “spanking” of President Obama - yet maybe not without being clear and revealing (dramatically) of this rash behavior both for it of President Obama of essence of ode d’ Clinton specifically economically with his staffing, and, as well for us only partly saved so from a Clinton “soap opera” that could have been, otherwise.

It does seem that President Obama did just get spanked.

It does seem that President Obama has been getting otherwise spanked since day one of “we need a new declaration of independence…” and that the reds now about are for the red, white and blue.

It does seem that if the Clintons had succeeded in achieving their extra-Constitutional machinations to a fuller return to “executive” power we would now be of blues as much now or even now greater than as per President Obama.

The mathematics of the Clintons may suggest an air of calculus and algebra while really quite elementary and insufficient.  We are now to a “Super Tuesday” with “Hillary” as red as “Barack” and with it clear that Mrs. Clintonomics inseparable from the essence and stink of what now is “Obamanomics.”

But where does President Clinton come from with himself thinking he has the right to cast the first spankings?

{If you are now reading this - then I am still thinking of adding more to this column - and yet with a “but when” now - stay tuned, I may return with more later this morning.}

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