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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:09 am

There is a drudgery and attention to detail essential to incidents of life.  Among many vicissitudes incident to existence we have our banks and our body politic.  Banks “as too big to fail” defies that they are cannot be too big to be wrong.

As Abraham Lincoln with his premises and discerned thought of his Cooper Union Speech we have that he laid down his slavery platforms to come upon a Constitutional foreplay espoused to keep his house from being divided.  Mr. Lincoln with his Cooper Union posturing did purport a threshold barring slavery.  Mr. Lincoln set us all to more fairer play and party relations, but so, as per his postulate that if a local government could and did legally declare that something was “wrong” that then an national government like ours then couldn’t stand up body politic asserting that slavery was “good” for “all” as its interpretation of State Powers.

Does Obamacare assert a Power to consider peoples’ bodies as State bodies and so that guns are limited contrary to our Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  If our arms, even our bare arms, are so State arms than how can they have independent right to bear arms?

I may have hands and heart with a penchance for mechanic specials - I have owned a motorcycle when near past having turned 30 years of age and did myself consider some Zen about my art of motorcycle restoration and maintenance.  I have only owned such a ride and ridden so to near 5,000 total miles.  Peter Fonda I have learned still has a penchant for riding and also shares a sailing passion.  My sailing interests though have been dormant or superseded now over four years.  My bicycle is a mechanic special as what started as stock of one branding has over decades become “street” as a road bike with parts and accessorizings now from near a dozen different establishments.  There is though still a Shimano prominence about it, and yet with a considered like disloyalty for thinking my next bike will have Sram instead, maybe even SRAM RED.

But what can you bank on - and if a Big Bank is so big that it cannot fail how do we protect that it isn’t too big to still have been wrong?

Washington did shower or bath are forebears all with his cherry of a first inaugural so with such talk of sex to be for him enough in offerings American that he could pick fruit from as a conqueror and yet so caressed with a pledge of fidelity to Martha as all the pecuniary and personal emoluments he would desire.

I have known that Chase bank had employees if not an entire department drilled already in 2006 such that when I became aware of them I became aware of dangers and bad practices the foretold doom for banks.  Our founding fathers were inventive and practical - Washington even to a round barn for milling grains and Thomas Jefferson for a coat hanger design, a gear and chain system that allow his double doors together equally with just a standard careful caressing of one door. 

I did try to learn as many practical skills as our founding fathers had needed more necessarily due to their times.  I may have exceeded the number of their individual skills but not maybe the ratio of skills to production and mechanization time to time.  They may have known more for their time of what was common in their time, maybe.  I have had more than two cars that were also “mechanic specials” with myself their primary mechanic.

I have split some wood - some firewood - but hardly near as much as Lincoln must have - I don’t know that I ever split even enough for a quarter of a cord.

The gall of that remembered department of Chase Bank that I cannot shake yet from my discovery of their bad practices and hostility of a abuse of powers and arrogance with excessive power all first exposed about 2006.  Now I do remember that it was President Clinton that asked banks to find a way to “gamble away”  the risks that would be certain with his wanting both a housing boom bubble and as well a mass underfunding and defunding that would likely undermine the former - the Clintons’ trillion dollar surplus.  But this behavior practiced by employees of Chase Bank so remembered was of such an arrogance that when I stood on banking law and harmony with banking lawyers as just a customer may only have been of the early days of desperation for banks where they had to step up bad collection practices to try to cover the losses looming from the corruptions related to President Clintons loose political economic guidance - Chase may have been behaving so before needing to because of mortgage messes.

As per Chase Bank and my remembrance it was a small matter of confusion from their mergers and acquisitions per a closed account number for a close credit card started with a different bank.  In my case I seemed to have become aware of their corrupt and bad banking practices in 2006 over a possible $10 balance and then a year of penalty and interest fees that still have now clear chain of title.  It was over a $200 dollar dispute with Chase where all but $10 was fees and yet for the year before their claims so I had no record of an earlier bank having been mailing or calling me for an open account with such account number - an account number which I had sent a full payment to in 2005. 

In 2006 I realized that at least one Department at Chase Bank was acting as if Chase was too big to be wrong.  I still have that they have failed still to today to have provided a clear chain of title for the account number they called me upon for above mentioned pennies that was like all my known Chase accounts paid off a year before.  The calender gap of a year between pay off of accounts with Chase and a mysterious new account showing up still is a mystery as per chain of title and yet the year suggest it must have been that I performed on a pay off amount by due date as per post office posting dating and that that bank then the credit card company processed the payment for the day it was received leaving a near $10 dollar remainder, that for some reason I for a year went without an awareness as account moved from one bank to another and then to Chase somehow, so that ten dollars after a year became over two hundred and yet with Chase department unwilling or unable to explain where their “title” and “claim” traced from.  If  the practices and standards I became aware of hadn’t been so hostile and blatantly corrupt with an arrogance of power seeming to exempt them in their own minds from having to explain a “chain of title” I might have been of the decades of good experiences otherwise from relations with Chase.

When they threaten you and refuse to consider fair standards they are trying to steal from you.  That the banks all fell to bad practices and trying times is evidence sufficient now yet without as much discussion as appropriate for them having fallen to bad collection practices just because of the binds they got into as accomplices to President Clintons request for bad lending and mortgage risk managing.  Their bad lending practices though only partly can explain their bad collection attitudes.

As an economics major I welcome that collections is a needed department with special skills, and, was so of such ethos while hearing from and relating with more than a few from Chase as per this from 2006. 

When an employee of a major bank hears you tell him that he/they are acting criminally and instead of denying it says instead “we have the right to - everyone is doing it” it is best to start hunkering down and readying for bad economic times fast approaching for the economy.

So I guess you could say I expected the economic downturn because of my knowledge of how President Clinton had conceived an impossible economic but then you could as well say it is so because I realized that Chase Bank was acting desperately and criminally as if they were too big to be wrong. 

A chain of title is still a matter of law for all to be standing on - and yes Obamacare may be violating your second amendment rights to have free arms for free bearing of arms.  And otherwise from an everyday State arms of only State arms.

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