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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:57 am

Man in robe walks out of desert - Bill and maybe Hillary seen dancing and what around a gilded pig.  Moses had it easy.

It is not every day communistic lawyers find a really Communist lawyer to make a sympathetic global figure and role model even for American mothers to use to indoctrinate a new American ideal.  Moses had it easy, MAYBE - but Obama may be having it too easy.

It seems we are of a time where our President has issues with the Holy Trinity.  He isn’t alone it seems - it is still not clear whose robes he is wearing.  Shepard Rick Warren may be of a coven less of his hoven.

It starts like a tag line for a comedian how sickly a man may be looking -so thin he may be on a diet of Joseph’s sticks - but then it could be kosher fare or even a want for cous cous some more.  To look so poor or tired and yet with a garden his own - Hmmm? - A garden his own that is actually a garden of the State?  Hmmm?  Does he just not get to keep enough of his own endeavorings?

When it comes to the Holy Trinity and politics - American politics - you have to ask yourself and with great vast wonderment:  How is it Bill Clinton now seems to be the “expert” on what “is” or “is not” “in politics” or “is politics”!  Gosh he couldn’t even get level with a God’s honest truth for Government testimony on when “is” is “is” as per simpler but maybe as tempting pleasure seeking - simpler and as tempting at least as his want for political power - real and global as near Autocratic as possible political power, like.

Moses had it easy?  When man in robe that looks as said as if on a diet of sticks walks out of desert to find Bill Clinton of all people about dancing around a gilded pig with Weiner roasting recent - it really will matter as much what should be Ramses (Ramsey’s?) and what should be free.  But did Moses on a Mayday have a blind communist lawyer to make a cause celeb and a secular idol for American mothers to begin an indoctrination of their young with?

As it has been told Moses was able to bring law and order and happiness or guilt to a people otherwise happy with gilded pork.  Poor President Obama, an emaciated as barked, he still has the lawlessness of at least Bill keeping his edicts and dictates from a dividing now of his party too.  It does seem his Secretary for Communist Affairs will get the blind communist lawyer to herself and her shared Autocratic aspirations kept long intimately and cosilly with her first man Clinton — President Obama may be able to leverage and share the secular idol worshipping craze - hard to say now — again, how is it Bill Clinton has become the “expert” on what “is” or “is not” in the “is” in “is in politics” or not?

How will man in robe, shall we say, be now, while we still wonder on whose robes or cloth he wears, to handle law and order with all this new partying with Bill Clinton and so much pork?  How will Obama command - again, evermore?

There is “has problems with the Holy Trinity” and then there is “has problems with the Holy Trinity” - Shepard Warren?  Most Reverend Wright?  Can we first find a lawful and unpartisan and unbiased cross to bear fairly on what “is in politics” now?

I don’t mean to skin a moose here of dress a dog - but with a pal in our politics like Bill Clinton can Obama find a worse Judas?

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