December 2016
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 4:50 pm

At the time of this reporting it is unclear if President Donald J. Trump will be able to do more for Presbyterian Protestants than his promised actions should incidentally amass to done for Catholics of the Americas.

We are behooved to process an interesting opined by Howard Dean, of recent remarked, as effected to that a whole generation of Democrats have been asked to move on;  we are to be considerate of how Dean dissed an entire generation known as the “The Baby Boom Generation” in toto;  we are to be prudent to dissect that Dean has broached that the Democrat Party vessel needs to move off most from before 1964 to able now to be afloat.

Baby Boomers cannot be President Trump’s biggest problem!

Forward progress must not be inhibited further still by inadequacies spoken to of a whole generation of Democrats errant!  Right?

Concurrently as promise of President-Elect Donald J. Trump remains as “YOU’VE BEEN LIBERATED!” there is this historical dichotomy to parse and mediate to extent “remedial” is to be necessary invoked; as the promises hold and of such that the Johnson Amendment is to be repealed there is this old dichotomy to address as to how 1993 t0 2017 of years of “Baby Boomer” Democrats to high Powers of high offices of trust can possibly be broken down to how errant they were to hackery, now evident in the historical, and to whom if so hacks to for having been too of the sixties &/or seventies, and, if so otherwise for too much of “American Catholics” after the rise of President John F. Kennedy.

The legacy of President Donald J. Trump should hinge on whether he did address the real issues and resolved this question begging now to if Dean has implied the “Baby Boomers” Democrats did waste nearly two decades by having lead the country in an un-American direction as of heading away from the founders better considered established by worked to be deeper consideration of philosophies of governance.

The hope of “YOU’VE BEEN LIBERATED!” versus now a telling Dean postured dissing of a whole generation is much spot on to what the scope of the troubles of Washington there now is facing those risen of a “New GOP” on “Republican Movement” core’d by a “Tea Party” “common sense” reset.

To all this there is the election of Nancy Pelosi was during the denial stages of the processing by Democrats of the Election of 2016 results.  To all this there is that Nancy Pelosi as again elected to be a House Party Leader is much as a sour note for our nation and our history.  To all this there is that Nancy Pelosi is as if elected as if locked for “Public Shaming” in stocks in the public center - akin treatment as exposed as a “chicken thief” of old.

Donald J. Trump seems set out to be more challenged by what gaggles of Presbyterians may amass as jointed to toked to his shepherding than how incidentally Catholics of the Americas seem secured in a “Franciscan” styled Americas Pope as to be necessarily nearly activist Christians due expectations to resolve Americas emigration & immigration moral issues and too as temptations may be more easily checked, and abided to resolved.

Donald J. Trump may now more than just present as a problem to Democrats co-flocked as “Baby Boomers” due his personal story of abstinence and disciplined bridge building as a man for gentrification and beautification community projects.

Dean may have more to say yet of such to too personal and necessarily ad hominem in toto if to further posturing on why and how “Baby Boomers” should at least now try to just fade away;  Dean is in a pickle due recent honesty speaks to a possible understanding of if Democrats now become exposed for having wasted nearly two decades with hack governance by opening up old scandals of a generation taggable for having maybe “tuned-out” too much- too much in critical years of development.

To pair the hope of President Donald J. Trump we should see as indivisible that a repeal of the Johnson Amendment synchronizes to “Citizens United” and “Hobby Lobby” jurisprudence!

To be American seems to be establish to as ordained as founded by founders as encompassing the spectrum of which corporations are now legally wired and permitted/chartered!

The repeal of the Johnson Amendment would amount to a political half measure at best if President Donald J. Trump and the next Congress do not explain and assert a common sense for economics position of that Corporations must also be at least like “people” by First Amendment establishments of rights to assemble as to be expressed of mission Unity.

Since the sixties America may have been going in the wrong direction of which President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s promises relate as of dedicated to turning us all away from still heading in the wrong direction!

The liberation of the American people to be effected and effective stays our shared work to be as dedicated as necessary to in a union refreshed to remodeled of Union original recipe and core’d essence!

The liberation in the “Republican Movement” promise is to be as back to what was wisely considered and squarely covered by the founders founding to constituted Peoples’ Order as “done” as subscribed humbly of our Lord!

Dean raises issues of possible due mockery due hackery, and as postured as maybe of a problem of an entire generation, and yet now President Donald J. Trump will need abide the dissection to a full understanding and to parse out how sectarian Christians may wash out more by sectarian dictum than en masse due Christians wholly.

Lawyers forward, however, may be, where ever in practice, and as of ordinary of their bars, a yet grandest problem - a problem of great and vast scope - now at the door of the Presidency of Trump!

How Dean may be in a pickle for having so pickled an entire generation of Democrats as having been bad, or just gone bad, is that which is now before all of us for a very public and extensive rendition and however the deposition is now as if set upon Minority Leader-Elected Nancy Pelosi as locked in to be firstly (mostly?) to public shaming for hackery at constitutional charges?

How can we now not all join to Dean dissed and to abide to walk the issues through to finally resolved after walking around these issues as many times as necessary to get to a full and honest airing of all issues in toto?

The charge of duty now upon the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is vast and considerably complex;  The charge President Donald J. Trump to swear to agreeing to shoulder is now prefaced:

President-Elect Donald J. Trump, as your days in office commence, how long do you expect the public will take to accept, and embrace, the Dean dissed, as greatly relevant, and, as you move to reverse from the Johnson Amendment, and to of such original light as back to that corporations must be to as figured as permitted to also be around to be of people for economies of scale, - as peoples gathered in common mission Unity - of Union, by incorporation, as to be of a Unified peoples of a purpose exercised of and in the established, as secured ordained of rights, of assembly for free speech, and believing?

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