June 2023
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:30 pm

Reflections on #FITN:

Ms. Hillary Clinton may need her own #TrampStamp if to struttin’ a winning of Sin City Las Vegas!

The Strip may bare #GrampStamps, in high fashion, as Senator Bernie Sanders stands tall for Nevada, independently.

The dust-up is of Clintons, quite deserted, as now, satirically, as if “LOSER” chalky on their foreheads.

Senator Bernie Sanders can be an Iowa Phoenix risen from the ashes to new caucuses lively risen, of Clintons beaten.

Ms. Hillary Clinton can only arrive under clouds of controversies with really, really, a lot of baggage racked & stacked.

Ms. Hillary Clinton is so ESTABLISHMENT she is taggable as INSTITUTIONALIZED! e.g.: “Institution of First Ladies”!

Reflections on #WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot):

How many “shining” cities on hills are there in Ohio?  Wasn’t Ohioans to establishments “Paulist” as if Bible metaphors for governance of government of places of purpose akin to the phonetic of their named? Is Governor John Kasich a “Holy Roller” to Nevada as O-high-o for high rollers as if say Cincinnati is a new Galatia, and Dayton a new Corinth, and Warren maybe a new Rome, at least as for Romans?

Sin City is calling!  There a high noon throw down for the deserted from Clintons of “Feel The Bern” where it seems Governor John Kasich may have the advantage of the sun at his back, and low enough to bring a “bright lights” to the spectacle of #Bernie and the big city.  A biblical showdown is booked.  Not a #TrampStamp for #MrsC can likely be of a revenant due the odds against the Clintons’ machine as Nevada slots up of them like a #Sanders fresh kill of a new Beaver Wars.

Oy!  Can Senator Bernie Sanders take the stage on the strip without Democrats generally losing as out will be that the Clintons’ “balanced the budget” is for all times more accurately accounted by “Kasich balanced the budget”?  Is Sin City yet of weak hands seemingly the foretold odds for Donald Trump as if to headline against Governor John Kasich and his budgeting legacy? Governor John Kasich can say across Nevada, quite honestly, like BEEN THERE! DONE THAT! The high ground #TRUTH attests twas more #Kasich than #Clintons.

Reflections on Ash Wednesday 2016:

The house of Clintons has fallen! “…”! - - - Ms. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the legs for a Sin City Phoenix. #FallOfClintons!

Her chips are down!  Her hands seem bad!  Her lady luck a politics barren, and with the dust-up humbling!  #HellishClinton?

ESTABLISHMENT ~ No hiding she arrives in trappings afforded the “Institution of First Ladies” - guns holstered, #READY!

Ohio established how? why?  Are the bombastic of Donald Trump excessive while a prudence and experience of Governor John Kasich a, #Election2016 tested and offered?  If a Republican President can only be so if born of an Ohio victorious to triumphant how keen must the lot be to seeing if #Kasich has better hands than #Trump?  Nevada, due Ohio, must be to that 2 of Galatians will transgress how Cincinnati may be ordered to be foundational like Galatia was to Paul’s letters on governance?

Too Corinthians’ and as if each state, say like Ohio, has a Dayton, as a new Corinth, if not a ready Springfield?

It is just that a great exodus has begun - that many are already running from Ms. Hillary Clinton! #Bernie of #DemsDitchinHillary!

The bite of Sin City will likely leave a greater mark on the struttin’ of Ms. Hillary Clinton, - - - Nevada suffered when President Obama offered a dictum like “People should not go to Las Vegas!”! The bark, barking of Ms. Hillary Clinton is contrary and confused to what the legacy of President Obama can be as to successful at new establishments, while Clintons’ machinations beat forked tongues to foggy renditions to try to stand up an innocence for themselves by an assuaging of culpability upon only the desk of the President in of the Obama Administration.  The tail wags the President and in keeping with how (racist?) it was that the Clintons insisted they be treated not as subordinates to the new Democrat Party administration, but to Powers in a “Team Of Rivals” where they could be of regular acts in insubordination by flexing their initiatives as the business of “RIVALS”!

Many are now reading as if Ms. Hillary Clinton isn’t alone in having like a guaranteed reservation in Hell.  It has been Hellish where should have been Hellenic, - - - the legacy of the Clintons must firstly be as like insurgents as rivals to administrations, all, since they were pressed and packed outta the White House.  The assortment at http://hogan.jphogan.org/index.php?s=PROUD+NAIL barely suffices to broach the heeled machinations of the Clintons’ machine politics of at an unprecedented (to Public Corruption?) swindling of the People of these united states of the Americas.  The Clintons have been self proclaimed “rivals”!

As rivals - THE CLINTONS AS RIVALS - is the HEADLINING for SIN CITY that Senator Bernie Sanders must caucus to defeat. Presidents Bush & Obama have not themselves fared well against the propped up faux postured innocence by machinations long that have kept Ms. Hillary Clinton standing long past her due - long past a due for pressed probatives.

As rivals - THE HOUSE OF CLINTONS may be fallen and falling, as so many deserting her struttin’ it is like Nevada too is to experience an EXODUS - a FLIGHT TO SANDERS.  Mrs. Clinton cannot be NOT “establishment” and also creditable for a resume of experience - if her times in “office” of “duty” are not of that “work” as to “established meants” by actual talent or skills in her tilled then the odds are more will plainly see #HRC isn’t of “HARD CHOICES” of “good choices” rendered but as if just an act and really much of just holding jokers.

Reflections on prudence:

The winning hands have seen to a fallen lot of the particular of #Hillary2016 souls, and to yet that Ms. Hillary Clinton did much take down #Jeb2016 in first in the nation primary (#FITN) of Granite State voted to the cast of New Hampshire.  It is inescapable that #Jeb has been defeated if #HillaryClinton has been defeated! - The roots of a Clintons routed bind the Bush in the #Jeb too, - too to the core like of songs of Corinth as of two Corinthians like so close they are brother & sister, indivisible.

Nevada must face the odds?  A #OhioStamp may trump a #TrampStamp and too a #GrampStamp if #TRUMP hand must endure of that Governor John Kasich did the good the Clintons long have falsely claimed - cashed in on - as if their deeds done?

Nevada must face the odds?  The Ohio of #Kasich is a barrier to #DonaldTrump even as #SinCity #LasVegas calls #Republicans in mass to ante up and put their cards on the tables of democracy’s judgement days.  Mustn’t Nevada respect that Govern John Kasich to fix’n the embattled economies is he that better knows like “where the bodies are buried”?

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