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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:31 pm

As billed we are to expect to hear or read of a week of Dems convening some how all about women and all about population controls.

But what about some simple governance sense - some not too old fashion common sense? 

What about the labors of Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Did she sleep her way to the top?  Did the Clintons blackmail topping candidate Senator Obama with “or elses” and “or elses” if he didn’t leave the world to them and settle himself in more as a domestic?

We have to consider that in home improvement contracting a husband and wife are treated with great powers under consumer protection as about their “homes” and “nesting” and so much so that such suggests a sharing of our White House must necessarily not undermine those laws with them treated any less as one and both term limited as of January 2001.

It is scandalous in a clearly Freudian consideration that President and First Lady of Clinton did visualize in permanent architecture for a Presidential Library an ice breaker for psycho babblers - that the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library could be phallic like a gun or a half a bridge, and gray for a white male of the south adorned as if Confederate gray.

This raises an interesting artistic and legal consideration.  For this convention week the prime question might be if Hillary has “female intuition” - or if she has any how little must she have?   And, did she sleep her way to the top?

If she has “female intuition” did she have it while First Lady Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and refuse to offer any possible benefit from such to her husband?  Does she have a soul?  How did she get her first staff job in the west wing?

If she has “female intuition” how can the Presidency of the Clintons in hindsight, just, look so devoid of any?

Is she as a lawyer of a “not in marriage” professional right to withhold from her husband while of a Clintons’ Presidency?

If she has “female intuition” and the nineties that left us 9/11 are a result of such - how did she get another White House job?

How do we understand Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?  If she had “female intuition” and did sleep her way into a west wing staff job is that RIGHT or WRONG - GOOD or BAD?  Just UGLY?

How has she while first lady most demeaning to the contribution in just female intuition of all our past strong and powerful and involved first ladies with her (sleeping her way) into west wing staff job - while FIRST LADY of her own higher office?

Clearly but for that “Bill” of the Presidency of the Clintons did adorn his official library in color quite a Confederate Gray we can look back and see that what he could have used more of in the 90s was a strong maternal caring and considerate counsel - a more aware female intuition?  

So, was it arranged for a “performance” for “Bill” to be all male and leave “Hillary” to be all female when she got to be the “inevitable” President Hillary they thought they had coldly and mechanically arranged?  Did she deny “Bill” female counsel by an arrangement to have a marriage not a marriage?  An is not an is?

I don’t know that President Clinton should or could fairly speak to much of this at what seems a CHOCOLATE POPULATION SUMMIT set for Charlotte exclusively for Democrat Party members.

How are “Bill” and “Hillary” not two of same Confederate Gray of the library of the Clintons’ Presidency?  How are they not each a shade of gray themselves as “married” and one?  Do they think that since they are each others lawyers and their own that they have no conflicts of interest personally or politically?

How are we to letting he have trashed so many great former First Ladies by thinking she should and needed to take a staff job in the west wing and be professionally then inferior to one an equal otherwise in our highest office of one of our three equal branches.  How much intellectual has been lost and how much common sense perverted?   As married by marriage the Presidency respects a wife as a equal half that with traditions up to FLOTUS Clinton had stood cherished and upheld.  To ask for an take a staff job while FLOTUS demeans the office of First Lady and all before her for by “office” “politics” it was Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton that thought it “female” power to submit herself as an inferior staffer officially per protocols.

Can Hillary be said to have been ever an actual “feminist” with this having happened and so?  Can she have any “female intuition” - really?  And then if so and we haven’t had it admitted as of her “resume” for employment  was is ever recognized as good enough by her husband “Bill”?

His library is architectually maybe a “half a bridge” that just looks phallic and yet still Confederate Gray more than Union Blue or a color of a chocolate?  And, he is without doubt may too insensitive a white man of the south.  How did Hillary get her jobs?

Did Hillary sleep her way to the top - dear feminists still feminists and Bolsheviks - how did she get her jobs - what type of law did she practice at the Rose Law Firm - mustn’t it mostly have been that to empower “Bill” in all his ways until he couldn’t legally be elected President again?

If she has a soul and “female intuition” how as married wasn’t she and all spouses to be firmly to be considered also term limited?  If the lived intimately and worked as one - how are they not then wisely limited as one?

Could “Bill” have decided to adorn his “Library” so nearly Confederate Gray without “Hillary” of a veto power and opinion?

And when the bought their house in DC on Whitehaven Road?  Shouldn’t one of two have vetoed the other too?

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THE “lew.__________”?
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Heard at the convention…

The local economic web of Charlotte convening for the Dems set now most like a world wide web in population control has us in this Harry Potter era more of a higher voltage “Charlotte” of “Hogwarts” than the dimmed low voltage infidelity on parade as a political convention in Charlotte - in Charlotte, North Carolina, with over 9% unemployment.

This lew.___________ is more concerning than any “www._____________” put on parade as more relevant this week.

This local economic web is much all the fault of these Democrats of gathering to gaggle, flock and party.

In the “lew” of this convention much “low voltage” tired an,d untrue, is to stream the world wide in its webs.

As the one that challenged JK Rowling to write seven books for a new “Charlotte” some to help globally inoculate a rising generation from what is better to be etched and carved truthfully as a web of Clintons “infidelity” to at least cuases I can right today as much of an accomplishment in job creating as Republican Nominee Mitt Romney — What I started did become so successful that I am now of its roots firmly set “www.____” like as a web for good with its own theme park run some as if a TIME Warner Theme Park.

Yes it was conceived to be a check and balance to wayward Clintons and there instincts to be at least nearly “infidels”. 

Yes I had enough experience launching successful fun stuff to such level in decade(s) before that are as well less well known and considered as they should be considering the state at least of the “lew._______” of Charlotte.   You see I still can remember walking off the wonderful ideas from a brainstorming afternoon with an old high school pal on a good sledding day on our regular sledding hill - I can remember the day I took my wood plank “snow board” with toe rope to the hill for a “change” and how we got to brainstorming on how to make it better and more fun/sporting/dangerous - I can remember me wanting to go cut up his racing sailing fiberglass dingy for prototypes to match our vision of that nearly 1/4 inch fiberglass he said should be strong enough.  I can remember use then thinking of his family’s old wooden skies with straps to buckle in feet in regular boots and to thinking we would want the “bindings” to go across on an angle like how are feet tended to be while skateboarding.

Yes, I can remember that day we brainstormed a new and better possible “snow board” and that we had gotten so excited he was nearly then already a half hour to forty five minutes late for a date with his new girlfriend.  He did take her too our prom and they did marry and are growing a family.  He professes about finances I believe still at the Wharton School.  He is the reason there was another swimmer, David of casting for FRIENDS to balance my other co-tri captain a female Geller.

There will be much of a “lew._____” everywhere about the Dems convening as the greatest ever convention on population control as both a “www.” and like “lew.” web.

Much of what I mused for TV and entertainment was synched to bulster and reinforce or ease development of jobs and sport for the innovative ideas I was giving away but not forgetting or abandoning.   David Musto and I that day also imagine how we would want to most ideally use our new and improved “snow board” concept with he starting off with knowledge more of skateboarders in California liking empty bowled pools and he and I both to standing there on that New Haven - Hamden shared “sledding” hill that to use look like just a couple days worth of work with heavy machinery from a potential almost naturally already there as a half pipe with steep enough edges on both sides for “air” potential and so already naturally quite as long as the modern half pipes did become. 

Yes, I can remember us realizing we probably were already too old to enjoy enough being the developers of such or that we really may not have wanted to spend that much time in foreseeable future together and that as oldest sons of our specific fathers we seemed expected and already too far along in other professional directions. 

Yes I can remember many of the days and nights I would at least walk off next steps of sharing design concepts to willing souls somewhere and without asking them for ID.  I can remember incremental steps to build interest in board design with some and then enthusiasms otherwise towards/with others and then after that to insisting someone then develop a real half pipe at least as broad - deep and long as our original passionate imaginings.

No, it was not a cake walk to muse a challenge to JK Rowling further on with similar wisdom and generosity as it was for me then nearly to a dozen years to a keeping of my more secret charge about such for federalism newly and as one way of such to check and balance both Clintons and to at least attempt to inoculate a rising generation from them and their know long to me political plottings not nearly as imaginative of useful a web as either of these that somehow have their starts with me.

Time Warner - I welcome your thanks and appreciation and professionalism - and expect you to be still to at least the high and fun standards JK Rowling actually managed to write.

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