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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:04 am

 Keynesianism is DEAD - like!  Long live Paul Krugman.  I am of the opinion that our founding fathers did do their homework.

This is not meant to be some dry legal piece about nuances as to whether old parchment parsed meants are alive or “dead.”

These are the time warps that have long knotted lesser thinkers and jurisprudence pre-judging.

As per Liberal Keynesianism as if a selling of Bill Clinton, at least, still sells so too their homework likely is still expected to be your homework.  Human nature has changed little and hardly from prudent jurists able to see things in light of eruditions about seven deadly sins and even just ten commandments.  There have been problems like Bill Clinton for eons - but for how he seemed to think and govern by his second term as if the .com boom had made him omnipotent with new tech Power to be to fooling most of the people most of the time.

If it isn’t selling - yet is being sold - why sell it still?  And, how are these economically down and trying times not warped with Clintons still selling what shouldn’t be sold and arguably isn’t actually selling?  With Clintons you are maybe confusing “selling” with “buying” - and “market value” of Clintons as if earned and not bought?

While the founding fathers of such enduring and necessarily well considered erudition that is our basis of laws for governance away from “governance by man” to of “governance by laws” were then set to deep studies and considerations of even natural laws another Clinton was thence as much a threat to economic growth as two Clintons are now.

Whether our Constitution is “alive” or “dead” - “breathing” or of “needs resuscitation” - Bill Clinton did step beyond it so much and long enough ago that he and his spouse “Hillary” are nearly compromised as now too “foreign” than “domestic”/”homeland” political figures.  Their very curious and warped “modern” political stature is the stuff of legend that can kill economies - they are now in an economic no man’s/no woman/s land for “usefulness” or “leadership” about real economics and economies.

That they seem to want to be loved for being above it and more altruistic despite derivation with “truth” about such is suggestive of this real problem.  They cannot be as above it as they seem to desire and yet be practicably useful as about and within it.

That goes, as per the Clintons, for our Constitution and our economy and other people’s economies.

There are more historical problems with the Clintons for as a from of what they “sold” though unearned in the early nineties and for such as of a design to better economies but as then perverted by them to lesser greater good capacity than figured when figured more to be for a grand second term for President George H. W. Bush.  Economically speaking to Constitutional concerns about the Clintons could be it like fraudulent to be selling themselves otherwise than how the real facts should be preceding them about their own place in history — there is a “truth in advertising” concern much about both Clintons.

I cannot deny that they have press reporting them of record popularity and powerful global political muscle from charisma somehow amassed from foreign agents and peoples.  And, I cannot let go that this may be a bad and dangerous modern development to let pass unchecked and fully probed regardless of how “alive” or “dead” our old parchments are considered now to be.  Our founding fathers must have done their homework — our current leaders and future leaders, since human nature has little changed since whence, are now best to at least be of having done or doing the same “homework” our formulative figuring formative forward focused founding fathers facilitated.

Our Constitution got dealt some serious intellectual blows as per ascendency ambitions contrary to its figuring such as whence thence of term limited Bill Clinton to his seeking to be funded by tax payers to New York City grand and regal offices such that he could consider the sum of such as his due, maybe, as above it - above his old job - as of just a yearly rent greater as hoped for just a first year so of an amount in excess of that of all past President’s “allowances” combined.

Bill and Hillary can be figured now of an effrontery to our Constitutional prudence and protections - and quite illustratively for the dramatics that followed them with their departure from the Powers of the Presidency.

What they have been selling as well though is fraught with fundamental problems of continuance and fluidity and so since they commenced in 1983 without having done their homework about economic energies at least about good market powers they inherited.  The Clintons cannot be well sold now with their desire to be favored however now maybe too “foreign” and “compromised” quite along the lines that they are those “still standing” and so able to “move forward” with Keynesianisms, however.  The Clintons are a dangerous conundrum as per our economics for the mantle they try to claim and move forward isn’t holding and because they rushed it constantly forward regardless of better Constitutional prudence, and, all the while it had been more a prototype method of methodology figured to be of it cycling back on itself numerous times to regroup and be refigured to moderate for Posterity. 

The Clintons cannot deliver economics as they are selling.  They are contrary minds, just among themselves, with debate and study now due, towards 2016, as to whom right and whom wrong? - how and when? - Bill or Hillary?

Whether our Constitution “alive” or “dead” to necessary considerations in our times to Un-Constitutional or just “unbearable” we have that I can at least stand still and describe economic problems as from the Clintons, together, together intimately, and to a circa 1993 grabbing of like a prototype not theirs or properly acquired and to years of riding it until they broke it - broke it while avoiding the expected break-in tuning and figured maintenance that was expected to be substantial if such “prototype” to have any Posterity. 

It is just wrong judicially politically and economically — The Clintons cannot deliver what they are selling or promising.  They broke the very methodology that worked for them.  They rode a prototype as selfishly as maybe it was possible and until it had no place on any road but in a ditch along side it.  They cannot bring it back for they never understood it well enough to maintain it or “reset” it — they still have shown no understanding on even how to build just a prototype like it again.

Long live our Constitution!!!

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