January 2013
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:29 am

In some way this must be about how President Ronald Reagan liked to chop wood. 

He may have thought it kept him as keen as his axe as his axe a metaphor as similar to the axes of our forefathers - I do not know.  He may have considered it a “GREEN MINIMALISM” and “honest labor” good for one’s soul - I do not know.

President Barack H. Obama may be a skeet shooter to our surprise, and, yet still not one to chop his own wood.

If the European Union were gone tomorrow would it be missed?  What is the ideology behind it that justifies it as a necessary new order - a new order just now needed where not needed before?  Why shouldn’t there be more flavors of currency now - especially now that technology allows such easy computations of welcomed apps for variations and local competition, expression and loyalty?

Ideologically discoursing:  If there is an ideology is there also a “size matters” biased basis necessary for a success about such?  Where there is an import as to “size matters” as per a governance ideology supposedly more ideal how to an among equals whom should be necessarily more equal?

If the European Union were gone tomorrow I do doubt that I would miss it or any ideology that was supposedly justifying it.

Who is President Barack H. Obama?  What is his ideology for foreign and domestic states relativisms?

We have that supposedly his Affordable Care Act is instructive to a believing he has a plan and a fully considered and developed governance “ideal” and an “ideology” for governance - right? 

Of the first term of President Barack H. Obama we have been assaulted with confusing contrary relativity between rascals of nation states as if superior to our Governors of states large enough and quite independent enough to be nations themselves.  Under this President as maybe never quite before most of our states have battle hardened and combat ready state regulars armed and ready among their National Guards - for even foreign entanglements; now we have that our states are as large or larger than many nation states and yet our President has been treating our Governors as minor rascals while heralding like “greatness” upon those of comparable duties as states abroad fixed as nations.

There is much contrary just on the supposed face of an perceived “ideology” of the re-elected Administration of Obama.  It is hard to consider our “Leadership” of a fully considered and workable governance ideal at least while some state leaders at home treated more like political rascals than nation state leaders beyond our waters’ edges.  Somehow that I do not think I would miss the European Union if it were gone tomorrow is of these concerns of a expectation of a relativism.

Can a Department of Defense for a National Government be discussed and discerned as in conflict to a Nationalized and Centralized Healthcare System as if it were also like a “death panel” of decidings necessarily to let people get nearer to death by Government decrees?  How if it is of an “ideal governance” and a current “ideology” of the President is it supposed to work and actually be affordable?

How to a “morals” and “moralities” due consideration when to discussing and discerning “ideals” and “ideologies” to a Nation based Healthcare providing if and when our Armed Forces are at least trespassed upon a nation state - but to a consideration that if of “liberation” or “occupation” then “morally” must we not be to “official” “Governance” as also liable for the health of all those then even if temporarily under our “protection”?  Can there be a “waters’ edges” to a United States of America National Healthcare “morality”?

If we are of our national forces to even just “policing” “peace” in another nation how can we not give our own state leaders as much freedom to care for their own as we then if not to distant imperialistic dictates also for nation states and their “governors”?

A while ago I pressed out a piece I titled “PAPER FASCISTS” to discuss some of my thoughts about the European Union and a collective currency for the EU.  It is posted at http://jphogan.org if you are interested.  {I have not myself reread it in a while - I have not now even reread it before linking it here as relevant.}

If there is a gestalt to an Obama governance ideology are we there already - are we two thirds of the way there - are we yet a third of the way there or maybe yet just past a halfway there?  Is he building something?  Is he spinning as what he thought he could build and would have built is now actually falling apart and already too much in shambles?

Practicably speaking we should if to speaking of “ideals” and an “ideological governance” now we may be best to keep the discussion from a joined discourse as also about President Clinton and soon to be former Secretary of State Clinton.  As of “Senator Clinton” it was too much to a cart before the horse an apple v. an orange impropriety to suggest that we should be comparing and contrasting two spouses fully to the most exacting and specific settling of all details about the foreign policy of one in relation to the foreign policy of the other, and to discerning where one was actually two of such though now contrary such that a Jekyll and Hyde expose due for just one spouse’d Clinton.  It is quite right that at least towards 2016 theses and books are expectant for the husbandry of each of these eras of a Clinton(s) - despite how it may set asunder them as still holding powers as of a holding of some office(s) or another.

How are we, without discussing the imports of the Clintons distractingly, to fathom a bias unfairly upon our state leaders as if more “rascals” to our President’s idealism than those as nation state “governing” while of lesser capacity, “representation” and civic duties?

For those most “Philosophers” or “Sociologists” among these concerns we may expect ourselves cooperation to marking twains needed to fathom if and where there is any figured “depth” to the policies and politics of at least the first term of President Barack H. Obama.

It may take one accustomed to honest work of at least chopping their own firewood to discern the attitudes and latitudes confused by our state Governors long now these four years as of treatment as if tin pot dictators as Governors yet too much “rascals” to be patronized and suppressed/managed by a distant (and aloof) despotism/idealism wants.

But beyond this are two great concerns for any idealist and even just students of philosophy and sociology:

1:   If Obamacare cannot be afforded now is it that it should be over turned or thrown out on grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY if now we have to have discussions and affectings to reducing our Department of Defense because such “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT” is not also affordable - not affordable as this President’s economics seemed to have and still be failing - not affordable unless the President moves bureaucracies to cut our necessary funding for security and defense as it seems that his healthcare “ideals” are not affordable also?

2:   If Obama has “ideals” and is actually making progress that isn’t too counterproductive as across our necessary governance then what though is the “right size” or best location bias for such if a workable “ideology”?  It seems intellectually speaking to hopes for an “INTELLECTUAL HONESTY” that if such is a workable new “ideal” that still it is one that if justified by these times as not before justified by earlier times yet set up to be conflicted as if justified it then seems to figure that it would be more justified to have done it first at the United Nations or at our state level by sound “governance” led by real Governors.  It seems that though President Obama’s “ideology” seems to be failing that if it could have worked it had a better chance to have worked either at the United Nations or at our state levels.

With all this is still that much of what has worked to “improvements” economically these past four years has been by stirred and refreshed state based governance and Governors, and, so that now such is still improving as more of “Hope” for “hopefuls” quite still, and, while at times as discussed around the United States of America, at least, of also having a renaissance in state’s rights.

Mr. President will your second term be too much as well as if a Nation State supreme power yours where no one state team is allowed a political advantage, and, still be as seems of Governors treated more like “rascals” than leaders of nation states beyond our waters’ edges?  Will your second term be as hobbling to job creation by willful over-lording still to discouraging to job growth by the encouragement of states and competition between states?

Please Mr. President can you give us a base line for intellectual discussions of an ideology yours?  And, can you now explain what is “GREEN MINIMALISM” as your economics still too contrary as too strongly of a new conservationism decree like oppression?  What is our “GREEN MINIMALISM” working “national” “official” definition as it seems it is your new politically correct term for use in lieu of speaking of “poverty” and “poverty levels” and “poverty level subsistence”?

Please Mr. President can you please tell us “officially” how you have already saved the entire planet from the alarmed warning of “an end of the world as we know it” politically heavy muscled messaging?

Please!  Until you tell us that you have saved the entire planet our economy has to remain stuck by your romanticized NEW CONSERVATIONISM and “GREEN MINIMALISM” unless We the People also to be seen to much as if “rascals” to you and a workable Constitutional ideology. 

Please!  And really shouldn’t our Governors in these times be treated at least as much as if as honorable as leaders of nation states are?  And, can you find a way to be now more like President Ronald Reagan, at least as if he to his by way of honest work lessons?

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