March 2013
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:06 am

I may prefer to preserve these words for a new poetic attempt at CitRB.us.  That said:  what actually is of a forbidden “law respecting an establishment of religion”?  In this day while unamended from original intent our Constitution is writ large as an Establishment to a more perfect Union as of a certain Lord and in that “Year of our Lord” whence of our founders.

What is is?  What is a “convention” of such “convention” for a constitution for all in a Constitution so ordained and established as an Establishment set in a to be determined freedom for “nuance” of the New Testament?

It seems that Creationism is a barred “establishment” so set out of the reach of petty Congressional politics of “laws” so that any weakening of its import is preserved to an “Amending” by the People wholly enough.

It seems that the Ten Commandments have to be seen as a truly foundational “establishment” of religion as per the specific subscribing in that Year of our founders’ Lord, specifically.  We seemed endowed by our Constitution’s clerical Lordly basis to be sectarian in Christ and freely.  It seems certainly set so with such a Constitutional writ that Congress can pass no “law” to alter such for our constitutions in Our Constitution by our founders’ “our” Lord and that we are foundationally set in a preservation of the Ten Commandments as a fixed establishment of religion for citizens of the United States and its subscriptions to a more perfect union (Union?).

As long as there are the Ten Commandments and the learned dangers of seven deadly sins - it is for God of such Lord & not mere Congress people and their weaker laws that the health of the citizens is constituted by their Constitution so that no law respecting “fate” or “destiny”  as established as of a Lord Christ with reasonable “interpretation” of scriptures of the New Testament can be passed by Congress as per “healthcare” unless fully worked with the People as an effective affecting amending with the fullest ratification so required.

It seems our Founders and their “our Lord” differentiated the writs of their Constitution and its ordaining and establishments as for the “We the People…” but as of also under their Lord Jesus Christ and the New Testament since we have our Establishment of Religion by our Constitution of US of “We the People… in the Year of our Lord…” not otherwise more foggy as “We the People… in the Year of Our Lord…”.

Yes today our Constitution is the best prophylactic against the Democrats weak substitutes to due and subscribed processes towards 2014 & 2016.  We have that we have to discuss PROCESS and how and when now of a “breaking of our rules and procedures” as much or more than we have to discuss a morality about such supposedly not pop to be a justification of the means for their ends.

It seems that the realm of Religion and our Establishment to a more perfect Union in the “Year of our Lord” so large and specifically has us now to consider that Congress would be and is Un-Constitutional for any passing of a law as per the relationship between man and woman that is short of an convened Amending for a new constitutional in at least a newly amended Constitutional. 

Again:  What is an “establishment of religion” so when following firstly after the body of Our Constitution as itself a Big Establishment of Religion about a freedom preserved though in Christianity with freedoms consummated in a preserved protection from Congress to having a superior right to interpret scriptures than any citizen also has?

{Stay tuned - this is a work in progress still as of  9:22 am March 19 in the Year of Our Lord two thousand Ten and three}

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