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To start today for a peace as with a with a piece respecting civil trust and civil obedience I am left to Job and what is maybe Jobian still as a God given struggle of and against (devilish) temptations.

With Job of a Jobian in Holy Scriptures can same sex marriage not be of a discussion in such by such?  I don’t know.  I don’t want to imagine it either.

To be more civilly American of the North American United States we can look back to Walt Whitman and Lincoln’s Civil War as of a time so much pre-electric but of a singing of bodies electric.

Can one man or one woman know the actually Holy struggles of another person as of their full humanity, and, as of their full struggles in humanity against (devilish) temptations maybe more for failures of others or as from an inheriting, however, of sins of their parents?  Can one man or woman know if but better to think along lines of humanity for stray cubs however of an abandonment by other earthly humans?

God is established as an establishment in the Constitution of the United States of America and as of the second coming in Jesus of the New Testament.  As God is so the establishment so by the humble subscibing to the ordaining and establishing of such without an interpretation of such under God so then in that Year of the Lord of the founding signers so then is a creed about second chances, it seems.

Is there a civil problem with the language and diction of our establishments that must be kept inviolate?

Is there a problem of closing off avenues of Christian second chances if such as “same sex marriage” proffered - embraced before its time?

Is there a problem that gay and straight may all be of Holy struggles against (devilish) temptations and some so near to such that is of an either or about a working creationism body electric polarity for themselves? 

Is there a problem as if of a no way out or no way back if that of a God made is so near a struggle about homosexuality to be of a necessary struggle for humanity to bolster and regird a general Welfare for Posterity and Tranquility for all trying to resist (devilish) temptations?  Is it that some may be born of God or of man to a homosexuality not of their own control and as a destiny that cannot be struggled through otherwise - and some as if a stray cub in a general humanity.

There is a problem in being civil about much of this of the general existence in a Holy potential for all as some may be of Jobian struggles near to being homosexual but with enough polarity and grounding and personal will to find a more creative way.

As there are stories of a JOURNEY OF MAN and as if we do all come from an Adam as an African firstly we do not yet know what we should maybe as to the analysis of “Messiah” Barack Obama’s personal DNA and his true bloodedness to Adam so.  We seem also not to now know while knowing that DNA shows our first Father in Man to have come from Africa if our First Eve did come from an extra ribbing somehow - or of what or which species in God’s kingdom whence thence first to successful body electric creationism.

We do as Americans celebrate that it may be better to be of later versions of the original “Adam” and as more a mutted mixed bread than a thoroughbred human.  Some though may have been created under God set in ways like a stray cub in a world beyond its control with others more responsible for their struggles, however Jobian, than themselves.

But to evolve and/or stay true there are those that can be confused and while of a Jobian struggle that general Humanity needs and needed again to be a trial and turmoil against whatever (devilish) temptations then too much about in a contrariness to natural polarity and grounding in God’s creations of singing songs of bodies electric.

We have that God’s creation as of the human brain is still beyond human’s earthly full understanding.  And, we have that as per human’s civilly singing with their bodies electric they are so with various different blood types and some compatible with other some or more so and/or not at all.  As it is we have human blood types flowing through God’s creation in the human cranium of blood types of “universal receiver” and “universal donor” as part of all this of our’s and other’s human Jobian existence.

Of my own say Jobian struggle I did consider paths much seeming of going upstream against the odds to be a writer or marketer of a capacity now to maybe be pressing these points at least this well.  I knew I liked girls and didn’t want to be celibate but I also knew I wanted to achieve and to reaching brighter heights of a more global understanding.  I had times of my mid or early 80s where I thought not that God hadn’t made a right possible wife for me for what I thought my Jobian struggle may be - hmmm? - I mean the opposite of that - I mean I did think I had to figure out why I liked girls so much but wasn’t seeing one in my time of my age that was right for the goals I seems to think I was best towards as me.

Of my own struggle I have known since Watergate how and why Mark Felt was to being “Deep Throat” and that with such of my Jobian struggle I had a duty to preserve the truth and the electric fields (devilish) temptations would be sparking about while aware or unaware of greater and more historical truthful origins as to how Mark Felt as “Deep Throat” was to with Woodward and Bernstein to operating a non-government victims protection network.

If as the Constitution is an establishment in the Lord of the Founders so of their humble subscribing to ordain and establish such without offering specific scriptural interpretations so then on that date in that signing of “subscribing” in that Year of their Lord so now still we have the consideration that Christianity is much of second chances for all.

It is as if of stray cubs however of an abandonment of their time or of from before their times more of others successes or failures in Jobian struggles about a general Welfare in a Godly condition about bodies electric that we are now today still of trying to move forward with a fairness for all.  It is that though a same sex marriage issue has particularly ticklish to civil discernments of just establishings it is as well that for now we are using “same” both for “same” and for “different” on the face of the fields of polarity in civil discoursing. 

A “different” is “different” it is not “same” while of a “different” by two of a “same” but how so “same” while to claims as if “same” as for those that are “different” in the Constitutional and established.

To speak or write of my say “singing of the body electric” is to trip physically on a grounding that seems too impossible yet not of a shorting or a cross polarization.  I know that some of what may be of a Jobian for me has to also be reasoned as from a me knowingly of asking for it while others about were like of suggesting God wouldn’t be thinking such was being asked of me. 

But then really I do not know the human brain in the fullestness of God’s creation to holiest potential.  Elders must have been about in my life and its moments for me to have thought that what was seemingly greatly against the odds actually had enough possibility for success to be taken to as a seeming chosen path of a self awareness though dauntingly maybe too Jobian in an a priori consciousness, however yet partial.

A passage of all that is being asked for today as per #samesexmarriage has complications to being to an establishment to fewer changes at second chances and as well as of civil considerations that for such now as proposed in its propositioning as to being effectively not to giving “equal” rights by such but to incidentally to, if so maybe, to an unplanned granting of greater rights.

Yes, I know it was Mark Felt and I know it started as from a Federal jurisdiction to look into a matter of bullying by a minor or early or first wondering as to how much bullying he might be able to get away with by flexing at least his uncle’s political powers rooted in the Democratic Party Headquarters.  I know this and my personal existence in the civil electric fields of propriety about (devilish) temptations and politics of “Deep Throat” because as a young youth I was quite naive when pushed to come up with a nick-name for a Federal file and did so by offering “Deep Throat” as though from a political threat about a possible bullying about “not deep” flexing with political power in a blood line then wired directly to Dem HQ politics.

I have known of Barack Obama since the late seventies for an interest in Presidential oratory contests.  I have known of Sarah Heath Palin since about 1982 as of a consideration of another Sarah Heath as if there were another I should also know if I were to proceed professionally to use photography skills learned from one to a journalism career.  I have known Bill and Hillary since the early 70s and from before they were engaged but as single coeds committed to their nearby studies at Yale Law School - I have remembered them as one would be wise to even if Jobian so for if as a first grader two people ask you if they both can become President some day it would be foolish not to keep tabs on them.

And, as per my own maybe too Jobian struggles from ambitions I think I chose for myself at least largely it is that I did figure maybe God could take a like “back order” for right wife for me before I even graduated High School and so that I could then focus better for at least 17 years confident that after being maybe too celibate I would be done of such pre-marriage too Jobian personal responsibility for a maintenance of civil body electric fields around a very little known political truth.

And, quite unexpectedly it has turned out that I didn’t find the person of my request for a creation of a future wife as a fit partner for my burdens - she seems to have found me and years after I had thought such original best planning had gone a rye by corruptions of and by Bill and Hillary that affirmed to me my correctness in keeping them known and of a bad first impression gut concern responsibility.  I remember her as of a body electric about such early 80s spiriting for a “back order” wife of her mother near of my high school prom days of pulsing an “it worked — she is now about a three month old fetus.”

I have been on the Jobian path as one dedicated to being more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane for the most part ever since, and, it has not been without many struggles and temptations.

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