March 2013
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:45 am

This has to be about President Barack H. Obama and his RACE TO THE TOP.  There is a general confusion as to what is good and what is bad and where such is an allowed bad or weakened good — he says as if by decree to try to get on top - to race to the top - and yet whines and whines about how it is bad to be above a new middle.

Our SCOTUS and the effrontery before it with briefs out so publicly and orally this week is as Law or not Law - of an/the effrontery at least against President Barack H. Obama of a walk and talk of Constitutional by example and un-Constitutional by orated nearly - too nearly - of dictate decreeing propositions.  Our President is a walking and talking contradiction about so much that is of the Easter and Passover challenges this week as such under-prepared buffet at the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

There were many holes aired publicly in the questions by our Justices and the holding up of briefs to hold Law as for and against.  These Law claims are in a realm long kept by Holy Scripture as more of a deviance from a “created equal” and not of a “natural class” limited by creation.  The skidding on the briefs showed mostly among those long labeled more of deviant than natural and for being so publicly out as if all of a “natural” class and not honestly of such as of some of just in such as a “social” class.  It is Supremely of our Constitutional concerns that “social” classes be set separate and different from “natural” classes and that as of yet the LGBT banding has been of cross labeling that will give predatory deviant rights as if “natural” to a “social” set not well enough established as “different” within them as a “class” presented as a indivisible “same” in “natural” law seating.

President Barack Hussein Obama with his Jewish bling acceptance and his White House seder celebration did bind and or tie up the Supreme Courts equality with he of serving up a reset contrary to his support of lower courts decision against the United States standing as per DOMA.  A seder so Holy and/or regal by a President trying still to be a Caesar a “Messiah” in Christ and a Christian Christ denier in Judaism can only be a public demonstration for a Constitutional of and by Law as by Moses’ historical establishment.  Our Constitution is an establishment by our founders under God and so in that Year of their Lord as it was so that so as set by the key and legend of the preamble was to that ordaining and establishment and subscribing under God of that Year of such Lord of the New Testament.  Our President has arrested the Supreme Courts hands with his seder as a reset to the original establishment by our Constitution in the Law of the Bible - they cannot now be as free as they might have to legislate from the bench a popular new meaning or understanding for words in our Laws so long there about concerns about socially deviant behavior.

I don’t know if it was a contempt for our Courts that President Obama orated with his Second Inaugural Speech and how he was specifically to rending that though he did just swear the Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America he did so with a BUT!!! - a like:  BUT!!! I won’t consider myself now beholden to such Oath.

As well it is a professional wonderment that a Lawyer for the LGBT rendition was to stepping out so after their arguing with a hope and belief that the day would be won for them because like it seemed our Justices were willing to just find a new meaning and understanding for our Laws contrary to how such Law has long been our establishment.  I don’t know what this says about a current legal standing for Stanford Law School reputation by so of an association with one theirs professorally.  I don’t know how if one was to believing that they had Justices willing to legislate new Congressional intent from their bench it could behoove any of such wants and desires to be so publicly out speaking to such a random justice to be newly rendered so.

But now can our Supreme Court Justices but do what has been long done and as inoculations against Blue Flu, at least, and recognize our Constitution as of the respect due of Law as from stories of Moses and Passover and Easter?  Can our Supreme Court Justices honorably ignore President Obama’s attempt at a Constitution and Holy seder observation and that it contradicts his DOMA standing?   Our First Amendment is instructive as it of the very first wording to preventing Congress from making any law that would undo the establishment by the Articles of the Constitution of such as the establishment of religion of the founders under God in that Year of their Lord and so of the New Testament?  Justice Sotomayor has her answer to concerns that a new legal category is being willy nilly established about “homosexuals” in a negation of her assumptions for the first sentence of our First Amendment establishes that our Constitution is bases in establishment of religion and establishment of what “marriage” is. 

But can our Solicitor General be tolerated for a proposition so publicly oral as if LGBT briefs not full of holes for being of attempt to give “natural” class protections to a “social” class some and so that it won’t be “equal rights” won but a winning of greater rights and a new establishment less an inoculation or prophylactic from Blue Flu, at least?  On its face it seems the President’s courtly standing was undermined by such holes in his briefs and orally waxed by the U.S. Solicitor General with presumptions unestablished for such parties that there is a wholeness claim for the entire band as if of “natural” class rights in comparison while still cross wired with those long of a concern as just a social class of predatory deviants.

And how must the Clintons now be a broken political lot — how can the challenges of Passover and Easter so this week be not of them again of flip flopping such that they have flopped one time too many?

And, again how is it that President Barack H. Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech with his holy “BUT!!!” wasn’t showing contempt for our Constitution and as well our Supreme Court?

And how now can our honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America not now take into consideration so much about such as from the mouth of a seated Executive as per the Second Inaugural so unlike President George Washington’s First Inaugural and its “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…” as if it was of a suggestion that he knew that cases like these of the Passover and Easter challenges were fundamentally Un-Constitutional and that he would push them out too publicly and prematurely anyways?

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